Nice to meet all of you

I just posted a message but should have said hello, I am glad to be here and hope we can get alot more members to share their experiences here. These boards have been a read godsend to me, just to be able to talk and vent with people who have experienced the whole gammut of symptoms. People in everyday society really dont understand what this is like including our families. Mine is disgusted with me and I dont blame them as I am becoming disgusted with myself. Gone are the days of not even thinking about how I am feeling and living life to its fullest, instead I am an emotional and physical cripple who analyzes every nuance of how I am feeling to guage if am ready to have an attack or if it safe to do the normal day to day things. I hope we can offer each other some new perspectives related to our problems and I look forward to hearing from you guys. Take care, I hope this finds you feeling well and Happy Hollidays.


Hello Kim,

Its nice to meet you also. I know what its like to have family that sort of understand but don’t really because they arent the ones going through this. Its hard but hang in there.

Do you have a diagnosis? How long has this dizziness been going on for? Are you able to function semi-normal?

I shall leave it there so as to not ask too many questions. For when you are dizzy its hard to read sometimes.

Blessed Be
Spinningtop. :smiley:

Hi Kim,

I totally understand your frustration with your family - I have had similar problems. Some of my good friends have become frustrated with me because I haven’t felt up to going out - and like you, I have got frustrated with myself for feeling this way! Just the thought of going to a crowded pub is scary enough, although I can generally potter around home OK. Most people don’t understand and its very hard to explain to others just what it is like.

I try to stay positive and really enjoy the days when I’m up to going out (even when its doing the grocery shopping or studying at Uni). Its amazing what I took for granted before I suffered from MAV and I only hope that I can keep the same attitude when I am cured (hopefully!).

Take Care,