No idea what it is


I have just been diagnosed with what the doctors thought was labyrinthitis, I have been dizzy for the last 8 weeks. I went back to an ENT specialist who said they thought it might be migraine related instead as I have had a constant headache for the last 9 weeks. Nothing shifts the headache but I have just been given amitriptyline to take each night to see if this helps.

My symptoms at the moment are:

Spinning room – had to hold onto the wall (lasting 3 days)
Off balance feeling (not feeling as if I am in my body)
Constant headache for 9 weeks
Migraine few times a week (no vomiting)
Eyes can’t focus on things properly
The world looks surreal

I am really confused as to whether I have labyrinthitis or MAV? Does anyone know if there are key differences between these? I am off to see a neurologist in the next few weeks to have a brain scan but would MAV show up on this?

Hello Lou,

Mav would not show up on any scan. Where is you headache located? Is it an all over head ache or just on one side. The reason for the Dr to do a scan would be to rule out other things first. I have mav but never had the vertigo, just the dizziness. The best thing to do right now would be to get on the migraine diet. You can find the list of foods to avoid on the net, its pretty extensive. The med your on is one of the ones that is tried for mav, it takes awhile to work. The best way to rule out mav is trying the meds for it. Its a hard dx to pin down and is one of exclusion of other things. If you have a history of migraine thats a strong case for mav causing the trouble. Migraine is pretty common in the population. I see your new and also wanted to welcome you here. Adam is a wealth of info and I’m sure he will offer more to you. Lots of reading here as he has done the best job I’ve seen of getting good info on this site.


Hi Charisse,

Thanks for getting back to me! My heacdaches are usualy located in a band arounf my head, but when they get really bad it feels like it is a piercing pain in above my left eye. I have had bad headaches for the last 10 years but never had one that lasted 9 weeks.

I hope these tablets work, its just confusing not knowing if i have labyrinthitis or migraines as they seem to have similar symptoms.

Thanks again



That band around your head is a mav thing but also an allergy thing too. Another dx that cause that band like feeling is anxiety and panic disorder. Those are the dx’s where I see that symptom discribed. The pain over your eye is surely migraine. Stay with the meds and get on the diet, you will see results with the diet as it cuts out the triggers you can control. best wishes Lou