No Imitrex?

I read here yesterday that “heal your Headache” says not to take Imitrex or the like? It can cause rebound headaches… I have lond avoided and over the counter stuff for headaches because of this (and they don’t work…) But Imitrex?

I really don’t think I could do this in all honesty. In addition to MAV I get full blown headache lay in the dark with a blanket over my head and cringe when I hear any noise headaches… With Imitrex I can stop these before they get to that point and although I will leave work I am fine the next day or can come back in a couple hours if it was in the morning. Without it I am out for 2-3 full days… I honestly think I would loose my job if I stopped taking it, plus my life would be miserable, that would for sure increase my stess and that would make me get more headaches…

How do you give up Imitrex? or similar meds…

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Buccholz believes that overuse of imitrex, or other triptans can cause rebound headaches. Overuse is the key. If imitrex successfully aborts your headaches, and your neurologist/GP supports your use of it, then it’s a useful medication for you.

Overuse headaches are most commonly considered when people use pain meds for more than 3 days a week. Whether the non-steroidals, naprosyn, motrin can cause rebound is debatable, and triptan overuse is also debatable.

Triptans can be so useful for aborting a headache. Discuss it with your physician.

Here’s a good reference for a migraine headache text, written by Larry Robbins from Chicago–it’s a free download on his webpage, and is an excellent review of treatment of headaches:

The textbook is Headache 2008, it’s very informative. He posts it to help patients inform their physicians.

One last reference, from Teri Robert who is a “patient advocate” she is a long time migraineur who has written a book, edits a couple of websites, and collaborates with neurologists from the American Headache Society–she’s quite informed. Here’s her article on overuse headaches … 544-5.html