Nori mishap!

So I was taking my usual 10mg of nori at dinnertime tonite and as I was swallowing the capsule it got stuck in my throat. As I was coughing it out, the capsule somehow broke in half - half of the capsule I coughed out, the other half and its contents remained in my throat and eventually went down. I had the WORST burning in my throat that I have ever experienced!!! It honestly felt like it was on fire! It took about 2 hours for it to subside but my throat is still raw and my voice is raspy. I had to go to the drugstore anyway (for more nori pills coincidentally) and the pharmacist said just drink lots of water and if it doesnt get any better, go to emergency. It seems to be getting better, not worse, so I think I’m okay.

Has anyone ever had this happen to them? It was purely awful and I dread taking another one!!!

My Nori is tablets and not capsules. Can they not give it to you in tablet form instead?

How are you getting on with the Nori? Still only taking 10mg? I’m up to 35mg now!

Take care

Yes , I know that feeling so weel, they are nasty when they get stuck and they stay there forever.
The Nori pills I used to get from the UK were like this , it was always happening to me, the ones I take now from Italy are smooth and coated so they go down a treat. Sorry … doesn’t help you much but I share your burning throat pain !