I was just wondering what was the lowest dose on Nori that anyone saw any improvement or relief from symptoms on? I was surprised when I picked up my prescription and I was to start at 2mg. I am glad for the low dose because I am freak about medication. Thanks.


2mg? I thought that the lowest dose was 10. I started at 10 but didnt see improvement until 30. It still wasnt completely working for me at 50 so now I’m weaning off and trying propranolol.

I have been on 10mg off and on since May. It worked well when I first went on it. I got totally rid of all rocking and the rotational vertigo. I thought I noticed some weight gain, but not too much.

I went off it in September but ended up getting triggered into a migraine (long story) and went back on it. But now I’m quite convinced that I’ve gained about 10 lbs on it, and I am going to go off. At first, I wasn’t sure if the weight gain was from the nori or from eating more than I thought I was, etc. So then I got very serious about exercising regularly and paying attention to what I ate, and I am eating much less than usual and am still up. I will also say that having been back on it this time has not been as helpful (mild rocking sensation most of the time has persisted, and I’ve had a couple of bad episodes of heavy rocking), and I’m not willing to go higher, so I think I’ll try Topamax. If I can’t tolerate that, I will reassess my options. Can’t do beta blockers because my blood pressure is low.

Anyway, good luck!!

10mg was prescribed as the lowest dose you could get but I used a pill cutter and started at 5mg for the first 10 days. I’m now on 75mg and am about 70-80% better but there is still enough left over crap that needs to be mopped up. I have put on weight with it but it was worse when I was taking the Periactin too - I dumped the Peri as it did nothing so am now just on 75mg a night.

You need to keep pushing up (as long as you can tolerate the side effects which for me only started at 70mg) until you find a dose where you feel A LOT better!