Nort.... but 15mg

Hey everyone!

I have been diagnosed recently with MAV after a year and a half of ‘labs misdiagnosis’ by Dr Surenthiran!

He has put me on 10mg to start with which i stayed on for a month felt better then the dizzies came back with avengence so have gone up to 15mg at the moment…

I am worried about going up to 20mg incase this brings on more symptoms, just wondered if its ok to stay at 15mg or better to go to the full 20mg please?

appreciate your replies :slight_smile:

have a dizzy free day
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There is no reason that 20mg of Nortriptyline should “bring on” symptoms of MAV. Nortriptyline can have side effects of its own, but it should not cause MAV symptoms. I took as much as 150mg of Nortriptyline at one point. Unfortunately it did not help my MAV, but it was a great mood stabalizer.

What is your target dosage? 15mg is not considered a large dosage.


I think the idea is to be on the lowest dose you need to control your symptoms, so if you feel that is 15mg then you would stay on that however if your symptoms are returning or going worse again then it may be an idea to increase until the nori helps further. I am only at 15mg myself but I have only been on it for 2.5 weeks so far. I intend to titrate up higher as I have heard that most people need between 30mg and 75mg for symptom control. Obviously some need more or less than that but 15mg is a very low dose. X

Thank you for your replies…

I havent got really bad dizziness now on the 15mg, but I was wanting to hold back to increasing if the dizziness comes back badly? Im not sure, like you have both said its a very low dose isnt it so maybe will up to 20mg to get the benefits?!

Dr S just said to me to stay at 10 or 20mg If I feel it is helping, but if not I can go up to 75mg.

Thank you,

Glad your feeling better Jem 15mg too - hope you get on ok pls keep in touch! xx :smiley:

Thank you for your reply JamieH - wow 150 thats ten times what I was on so you are right it is such a low dose hope you are finding relief now x

Hi all,

Mrslala welcome - I am fairly new to the forum too. Dr S is my doctor too. I last saw him about 8 weeks ago now so I have been on nori since then - currently up to 40mg. I have gone up by 10mg every 2 weeks. I ‘think’ the nori is starting to help slightly but also I have learnt what some of my triggers are too. From what I have read , nori is a great drug it’s just hard to imagine that we will ever be better! From the forum I have learnt that we have to have patience and that which ever drug plus the diet we have to give it time. Very hard when we are in a dizzy world all the time :wink: - also don’t be scared of the drugs I know it’s scary having to take medication but unfortuantely we require it to get better. My side effects of nori have been very minimal - I wish you all the luck!
Anna x