North west meet up?

Hi everyone,

I was just wondering how many of you are based in the north west (uk)? I know some of the members living in London meet up every now and again and thought it might be an idea to arrange something similar in the Merseyside/Lancashire area.

I don’t know anybody else, other than you guys, who suffer with this condition. Might be nice to all meet up, form some kind of support group?!!!

Anyway, it’s just a thought. I know everybody has busy lives but you never know, it could be fun :)).

Kathy x

I live in Bolton ,nr Manchester and am happy to meet up with like minded Dizzies.
Don’t know how many others live near by but hopefully a meet up can be arranged.
Anne x

That’s great :slight_smile: I wonder if there is anybody else that would be interested?!!


I live in Cheshire and would be interested! x

I live just outside Liverpool and would also be interested. :slight_smile:

Yay!! I’m also just outside Liverpool. I’m thinking probably after christmas as I guess everybody will be pretty busy up until then!
Come on people, there must be more of you :slight_smile:


I’d love to Kathy but I’m at the opposite end of the country in the South West, Sorry! :?


Awww, never mind. One day maybe!! Xx

I’m not far from Liverpool too. I’d be interested. Xx

Wonderful :slight_smile:


Hi Kathy,

I’m in Wigan, and would love to meet up.

I had no idea there were so many of ‘us’ in the North West!

Southport sounds great.


Fantastic :slight_smile: I thought Southport might be a good place to meet. Open to other suggestions though! Liverpool city centre has some great restaurants but thought it might be a bit too hectic!! We will have to all wear a link carnation so that we recognise each other, haha!!


Hi Kathy

I live in Bury and would love a meet up. Not sure I could get to Southport - bit too far for me to travel, but wish you all a good night. Regards Angela

Hi just wondered if Manchester would be a more convenient place for everyone. Any thoughts? Xx

Hi. I’m open to suggestions. Manchester would be OK for me too :slight_smile: xx

Angela, would that be easier for you? I understand that some of us have difficulty making plans as we don’t know how the MAV is going to be on that particular day!! I honestly don’t mind where/when we meet. I’m just so glad to know that people are up for it :slight_smile: xx

I’m fine with Manchester :slight_smile:

OOoh Brenda, I always thought you were American! How funny! x

Hi MM, that’s hilarious! I’m actually a Brummie by birth but have moved around a lot, now settled in the South West. How come you thought I was American? I’m intrigued! :smiley:


Oddly, I only joined the site today and live in the North West (Wigan as well). I was only diagnosed with VM a few weeks ago. Can I come to the meet up, or would I need to be an established member?

Dizzyhell, welcome :slight_smile: xx