Nortriptlyline and Heart Rate

Does anyone know whether elevated heart rate from nortriptyline is a transient effect and how serious it is? It seems that when I have tried this medication, I have experienced an increase in heart rate - but otherwise, it was well tolerated.


what dose of Nortriptyline are you taking and how long have you noticed this symptom for? I take Nortriptyline but I have not had this reaction. An increased heart rate can be transient, but I would mention this to your physician as soon as possible (particulary if you have any underling cardiac disease). I know a woman who developed a rapid heart rate on Nortriptyline at 50 mg. The Nortriptyline was helping her with her MAV so her physician kept her on it and added a beta blocker to slow the heart rate. - Lisa

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for the reply. I am currently not taking nortriptyline. I did take it about a year ago, and noticed an increased heart rate (and blood pressure) when I increased from 10mg to 20mg. I did not give it a chance to go away while on the medication, as I stopped taking it right away. I am now debating whether to retry the nortrip, or perhaps try propranolol. It would be great to take no medications, but being dizzy/nauseous for two years straight is taking a real toll.