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Nortriptyline and Propranolol

The beta blocker i was on is called metoprolol succinate. I was so hopeful too. I thought my heart would relax and work better. I would get more oxygen and it would help my migraines. Oh well…

Oh, I wouldn’t give up on beta blockers yet a while. If your doctor agrees you could try another one and start very low and slow and you may be fine. Metoprolol is a selective beta blocker. Perhaps a non selective one, like Propranolol, would be better for you. Propranolol can knock attacks dead and totally control dizziness but they aren’t quick workers and you do need to hit the right dose. Dr Hain uses them with Nori. I only take the beta blocker. Could be worth further investigation. Helen

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This is great information. I had no idea there were selective and non-selective beta blockers, but the non-selective affects on the body scare me. I will discuss it with my doctor. In the meantime i have had vertigo issues the last week or so. Nortriptyline was working fine for 6 months. I had a lot of dizziness and vertigo so i double my dose from 20mg to 40mg. The vertigo got worse! It makes me wonder if ever worked. It seems these meds work for a while and stop.

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All these drugs are powerful and can have side effects. Would that we didn’t need any of them in the first place. If you think about it long-term MAV can have serious side effects. The human body is designed to move. All the sitting and worse still lying around without enough balance to walk can have serious side effects too, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, muscle wastage etc. Photophobia provokes light avoidance which can cause Vitamin D deficiency and bring on agrophobia. It’s all a question of ‘swings or roundabouts’.

Not surprised. Too big a jump on an already over sensitised system.

I do not believe this can happen not with every drug one person tries. Nothing is going to keep all symptoms at bay all the time. Once people have reached an effective drug dose and trigger tolerances are reduced less breakthru/relapses should occur but, with MAV, it’s no good to quit a drug because some symptoms appear. The preventatives are considered successful by the medics if they reduce frequency, duration and severity by 50%! Helen

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