Nortriptyline in Gelatin

I’m starting a trial of Nortriptyline (Nor). When I picked up the prescription I noticed they were capsules. I asked the pharmacist what they were made of and he said gelatin. So, I’m taking Nor to prevent migraines, the pills contain MSG, MSG can trigger migraines.

That seems very counter productive to me. That could be why some people do not get better on Nor. If they are really sensitive to MSG, the damage done by the capsule may be worse than the benefit of taking Nor.

Has anyone found a non-MSG tainted way to take Nortriptyline?

That is really observant of you. I never even thought about that. I take vitamins d and fish oil every day and they are both encased in gelatin. I never even considered gelatin as a source of MSG. I wonder if you can open the capsules and take the contents with applesauce? I would ask the pharmacist of course if it is safe to take it that way. I’m curious to see what others will say.

I think you can buy non-gelatin capsules if you think you’re that sensitive; it probably is ok to take the content with applesauce or water (without crushing it!) since gelatin dissolves quickly by the water alone anyway (?)…

You can buy vegecaps on the net. I was trying to get some paracetamol and codeine tabs with no additives and the only ones were ones in a gelatin capsule, plus I didnt always want to take whole tablet. So I got some vegecaps and poured half the contents in each vegecap.


I live in the UK and my otoneurologist (I think that’s right) has given me the same stuff. They come in tiny white tablets of 10mg each so they have no coating. However, since I started taking them 20mg each night I have bizarre dreams which often wake me up (so much for regular sleep).

I never thought about vitamins - i take a stack of those.