Nortriptyline? losing my mind!

I have been on Nort on and off for 2 years, currently on 70mgs and heading down. Over the past two months my memory, concentration, speech, transferring thoughts to words, and remembering names has become severely impaired. I was down to 20 mgs and feeling pretty good, then my anxiety began to ramp up and I steadily increased the dosage to where I am now. This is the second time that I have updosed and it seems to not be working and my cognitive is getting worse. I am a 24/7 dizzy guy, with virtually no headaches. My dizziness is getting worse also. I know that sometimes when you updose on a AD it can possibly not work as well. My question is can Nort be contributing to my cognitive issues also? Never did before but can it the 3rd time around?

Tough one, because if the nori isn’t easing your anxiety as well, well, anxiety can interfere with cognitive function.