Nortriptyline--lower, or vacation, or don't risk it?

One part of my regimen for the period since diagnosis has been two 25-mg Nortrip caps every evening. It was originally prescribed by my GI guy before we had a clue as to why I was messed up. I run out in about 12 days, at a point when I’ll be out of town. I leave town this Saturday.

There are no refills left on the prescription. My pharmacy says they’ll contact the doc for authorization. What do you think: see if authorization goes through, and if not, ration the caps out so I don’t go fully off it? Eat them as I do now till–if the authorization doesn’t come through this week–I run out, and then see how I do till I return? Make doubly sure, and ask my internist’s clinic for a prescription? My MVertigo doc (Carey) is totally nonresponsive outside my regular appointment.

my advice is do whatever you can to make sure you have the meds. No sense rocking the boat, so to speak. You’ve got a few days to get it all handled, and no antidepressant should be stopped or significantly cut down without careful tapering.
Good luck!

Thanks, Kelley.

Considering the responsibilities I have on that trip, I think you’re right. It’s not as though I could crawl under a blanket if I were feeling poorly, dropping commitments. As it is, I have some trepidation around how it’s going to work out to attend a conference, as a delegate, without the meal plan. I’ll do my best, of course, and fuck 'em if they can’t take a joke. (But I’d rather avoid the joke.) At least they have room refrigerators in Cape Cod.

Last year I participated in my group’s meal plan, but despite the Burlington Hilton’s assurances that they could and would accommodate the diet restrictions, they screwed up big time, and I played The Night of the Living Dead. (I was also under deadline pressure from a publisher, which didn’t help.)

You may want to bring some benzos just in case…seems the need for them comes up in travel…
Good luck!!