Nortriptyline question

I thought my diet modifications plus magnesium and b2 had really helped me. I had a few good weeks then a storm front came in and kicked my butt.

Good things sometimes come from bad experiences though because my doctor has FINALLY agreed to treat me with Nortriptyline. (She also gave me imitrex.)

My question is about dosing. She gave me 25 mg. Is that too high. I have had problems with celexa (I was never able to go above 5 mg without bad reaction.) If I cut the nortriptyline in half, will it be too little?

Actually never mind. I just looked at them and they are capsules not tablets. So there is no cutting them. I guess I have to go with 25 mg. Wish me luck!

hi i started on 10on mg upping by 10mg each month. Currently on 60mg and not doing too bad.

Thanks for the reply. I have not had any side effects at all at 25 mg. So I am hoping it is effective, because I seem to be tolerating the medication well. So far I have had a little minor dizziness and my scalp tingling and faint headaches, since the last horrible bout. It is too early for it to start working though. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

I’ve been on 50 mg for almost a year; for use with depression that is a low dose. For use with migraine I’ve been told it’s somewhat standard.

It has certainly been effective in addition to the Mg however I’ve felt like a different person being on it (odd side effects). I finally said that something needed to change - as I can’t get into my neuro until January (yes January) I went to my PCP. He said that as the plan is to try tapering anyway, we are just speeding up the process a bit. I went to 40 mg and will plan to stay there for a few weeks - I honestly can tell the difference. I would like to get down to 20-25 mg but I will play it by ear based on how I tolerate the tapering.

Wow! Can’t see a neurologist til January? That’s horrible. I can usually get in to see mine in less than a week.

Well it’s good to know that it has been effective for you. This is only the second medication I have tried, and I have only been on it for a week, so I have no idea how effective it will be but I am keeping my fingers crossed. So far at 25 mg I have had absolutely no side effects. Not even the sedation that everyone says they get. That was a side effect I was kind of hoping for because I have horrible insomnia. One of the things the books always say to do with migraine is “keep a consistent sleep schedule.” But how am I supposed to do that? So I was hoping the drug would also help me sleep. But so far no side effects at all.

Good luck going down. Hopefully 20 or 25 mg will be all you need to keep the migraine away.

I have had great success with nortriptyline, 50 mg. I can’t remember what dose I started with–I think 10 mg–but my doc had me titrate up pretty quickly (according to consensus on this forum) and indeed I felt a good deal of extra fatigue for two or three weeks. But since then I’ve been fine, taking it for almost a year with absolutely no side effects.

Overall my dizziness (which was never really severe like most people here have it) and motion sensitivity (which was a problem) decreased a LOT. I now rarely get those episodes of feeling woozy, yucky, dizzy, and I think it’s the decrease in those episodes that has led to me feeling less dizzy-woozy-foggy overall. In the decades that I’ve been dizzy (the worst time starting 14 years ago), this is the first and only med that has made a real difference in my underlying symptoms. I just don’t, or hardly ever, feel bad anymore! I really feel like I’m all but cured with the nori.

I am so happy and only wish that I had diagnosed myself with MAV much earlier! (Doctors never did find an explanation for my dizziness but always brushed off the migraine idea, until I got with my current doctor, who accepted it matter-of-factly and recommended I try nortriptyline.)

Best of luck to you–I hope the nori helps you!


Thank you, Nancy. I am glad it has helped you. I am starting to get a little discouraged because, although I haven’t had a bad headache, the past few days have been very dizzy for me. I know the medicines take time to work, but part of me expects it to start kicking in quickly and the dizzy days remind me of how far away I am from where I want to be. So it makes me feel better to hear that some people have been helped by this drug.

As far as I know my doctor has no immediate plans to up my dosage, which does seem weird. Everyone seems to move up every few weeks but my doc gave me 25 mg and an appointment to see her again to see how it is going in three months. :frowning:

This is my first post on this forum which has been a revelation to me! I have been suffering with some sort of balance probs for 17 years. In May a new specialist finally diagnosed me with MAV, after years of the typical labyrinthitis/Menieres etc vague diagnosis which has been very frustrating and I feel that I have missed out on so much of my daughters childhood from being under the weather.

Anyway, in May I started on 10mg Nortriptyline along with a raft of diet changes. Felt horrific for the first 2 weeks - bad headaches which I don’t usually get and even more exhausted than normal - but then have felt much more balanced than I have in years. I was toying with upping the dose, as my specialist said I could, but have resisted it and tried to lead a more regular lifestyle with the diet changes. A bit boring at times, but far better than being stuck in the house for weeks on end. I have the occasional off day (quite often related to highs in the weather which I have found to be a major trigger for me), but haven’t had a day off work since May, so I would really advise keeping to the lowest dose you can function effectively with. I’m going to try and come off the Nortrip completely in the new year and will let you know how I get on.