Nortriptyline side effects?

I’ve been on Nortriptyline for about a month now, currently taking 30mg daily. Does anyone else have just INSATIABLE hunger on this drug? I swear all I ever think about is food. I’m a little short thing, about 5’2 120lbs but this has me eating like a 400lb man.
Beyond that it’s causing very weird sleep habits, I’ve been having the most vivid dreams and I’ll wake up several times in the night but not so much “awake” as just aware of what’s around me.

Hey mm- yes I have found that my appetite has increased whilst taking nori - I’m currently up to 75mg. And yes weird dreams too - especially if I’ve had a few glasses of wine! X

I also have vivid dreams almost every night. I am always hungry. I’ve gained 8 lbs since June ugggggg. The Dr told me no pigging out lol… :lol:

I am on 30mg Nori and I have vivid dreams particularly in the morning as I am half awake. My appetite seems to have stayed about the same though x

Yes appetite definitely in creased, gained 10lbs

I don’t even want to know how much weight I’ve gained, I feel like it’s all in my stomach too (could it not go to my boobs instead?)
and the dreams could be the worst, I swear it’s almost like being outside your body and even if you sleep 6/8/10hrs it’s not the restful kind of sleep. but at least I’ve found it to be very helpful with the MAV symptoms, sometimes I feel very out of it, but can usually get thru a day rather than having to live like a hermit.

went to the Neuro yesterday. I’ve gained SEVEN lbs in less than two months of being on Nori. :cry: