Nortriptyline symptom question

I have only been on Nortriptyline a few days, but had a question for those who have been on it for a while. I am having major brain fog and I have already noticed dry mouth, throat as well dry eyes. Do these symptoms get better with time? I am taking 10 mg and my script is to go up to 20 mg.

Hi there,

I have been on nort for 7 months now, I particuarly noticed the dry mouth early on. It did seem to get better but I do now drink a lot more water do maybe my body just got used to it? I am now on 75mg with a considerable improvement in my migraine symptoms which is good. I don’t have too much brain fog but it does still knock me out. I take mine at about 10 at night and sleep like a baby until 7am which isn’t a bad thing. I do also have a slower moving digestive transit now which isn’t pleasant so I take senekot to help. Good luck with nort it really is working for me xxx

Hi Tootle (and Hi Anna :slight_smile: )

I got the dry mouth early on too, for about 3 months, then it went away. Didn’t cause any signficant problems and was worth putting up with in exchange for feeling better dizzywise.

I credit Amitriptyline/Nortriptyline with making me considerably better and allowing me to get back to work.

If you’re at 10mg, you have a lot of scope to go up from there, which should help eliminate some of the brain fog if it’s due to the migraine activity. I think ym brain fog is mostly caused by taking Topirimate. I wouldn’t be surprised if you see brain fog lessen as you increase the nort.

Try using eye drops to keep the eyes moist. If you wear contacts, make sure they are ok to take with contact lenses. You can get special ones.

hi, i have been on nort for a while - up at 40mg now and feeling really pretty good. Definelty got the dry mouth stuff - i take the pills around 6pm to sleep off the lethargy, the dry mouth stuff i think cleared up about 3months in. Stick with it! I have been told i can go up to about 70mg.

Does anyone on here think that nortriptiline has helped with walking/balance?

I do get dry mouth- I think it has faded over time- I used to have it all the time, and now I get little patches here and there- I basically never think about it. Biotene makes good products to help with that. As for dry eyes, I have been told that fish oil can help with that plus of course drops. As for causing brain fog, I can’t comment on that, because nortriptiline greatly reduced mine.

Hi i am on day 5 of it at 10mg and i am having major brain fog. So bad it scares me. I am also ving dry mouth. Its weird bc i was told to take it at night bc it will make me tired but it makes me feel more up and then the next day i feel tired the whole day u.til i take it again. Are u still on it and did your brain fog go away?


I have been on Nori for 2 years now??!!! (HAS IT BEEN THAT LONG??) and for me the dry mouth has never gone away or even gotten better. I have to sip water a lot and and get incredibly dehydrated very quickly. I have to have water with me at all times :?