Nortriptyline Users

Ok guys curretnly I am on Nortriptyline at 10mg and I heard you could get them in tablets and I was going to go up to 15mg (very med sensitive wanted to do it very slowly…but was just told by dr and pharmacist they cant get them that way so now I have to go up to 20mg…I am very freaked out at DOUBLING my dose…At the start of taking this I was getting increased anxiety and very over tired and sleepy and my heart rate went up from arounnd 60 to 80…Now for you Nortriptyline users upping your dosage was it the same as first taking it or is it a lot milder? I have been at the 10mg since the beginning of May and now besides my heart rate being in the 80’s dont notice it anymore…Im just terrified I will have a lot of side effects like I did in the beginning of taking it or even worse since I am DOUBLING the dose…advice please??Oh and on top of it all I have one month to pack up my entire house and move in with my mother in law and get my daughter ready for kindergarten!!

This may be of no use to you, but does have some relavince. I took Nortriptyline for a different medical reason and it interfered with the medication I take for my MAV. They never had me tyrate my dosage, just told me to take the same amount for four months. I had some of the same side effects you mention for the whole month and a half that I took it: an increased heart rate and I could feel my heart beating in my chest and neck. I quit taking it after a month and a half because my MAV was kicking in full force and I was beggining to miss a lot of time from work.

It may have worked for my MAV if it was the only med I was taking at the time. But I will never know.

can you cut the pills in half?

Nortriptyline can cause fast heart rates in some people but it is an ** uncomon **SE

normal pules rates are.
For resting heart rate:
Newborn infants: 100 - 160 beats per minute
Children 1 to 10 years: 70 - 120 beats per minute
Children over 10 and adults (including seniors): 60 - 100 beats per minute
Well-trained athletes: 40 - 60 beats per minute


no i cant cut them in half they are capsules and i cant order them in tablets i already tried…i am just wondering when you “up” the dose if the side effects are MORE intense than when you first start it , if they are AS intense, or if they are LESS intense…I have to start it tomorrow night so was trying to figure that out…

sorry DD, My mistake!

are they slow release?

**if there not **

open them, divide the dose, in half , pop it in your mouth and swallow. dont chew


I started the 20mg last night and was panicking long before I took it so took a dose of valium with it to head off anxiety attack…was very tired but had trouble falling asleep this morning groggy and dry mouth but surviving…my pulse hasnt risen too much yet…i have a slight unsteadiness to my hands and it is so aggravating in the med pamphlet as it says uncontrollable movements of face hands or feet as a SERIOUS side effect…is s aslight unsteadiness considered uncontrollable movement…it also says shaking is SERIOUS but would that be considered shaking when my hands are unsteady plus it feel like my circulation is not so great in my hands and numbness is a SERIOUS side effect but could it be due to the fact im a smoker and i took a really hot bath?? Just no dr in and i am not sure if I am just reading to much into it…

Do you have numbness, in your hands, right now?
do you have uncontrollable twitching,or clenching right now?
if you were having some type of seratonin syndrome I’d imagine you never would have slept at all last night.
the clenching would have been to intense.
honestly DD I think this could be a natural fear we ALL have of meds , they are nasty things , and we all are fightened of them,
they cause us anxiety .
but If you think somethings not right you should really go to the er , and get checked just to ease your mind,
some people can have paradoxical reactions to meds, meaning , the opposite reaction, xanax is suposed to stop anxiety in some people it will cause anxiety at a high dose , its dose related and will work well at a lower does.
what works for someone wont for another person,
this includes anti depressants I might get sleepy on nort, while you may get gittery and insomnia.
try not to panic about what the med sheet say’s about SE’s .
but if things get out of hand today , dont just sit and get worry go talk to the Dr at the ER
best wishes

DD -
Jen pointed out something very important.

If you read past posts, you will see over and over, most all of us are very “med sensitive”. Our brains seem to be “wired funny and highly over-reactive” especially where meds are concerned. (That does NOT mean we should not take them. It just means that many times its very uncomfortable to start a new one, and the panic and anxiety feeds on our fear - a terrible cycle.)

Most people will just start popping pills if the Doctor prescribes thems, without giving it a second thought, but I bet there are few (if any) on this board who will agree to being ***that ***way. My point being, try to talk yourself out of panicking, yes, there are side effects to what you are taking, but I think you’ll know if you truly are having a reaction, and if so, as Jen said, by all means go to the E.R. Many of us have been there, we know what its like.


I tried to call the pharmacy so they could tell me i was being silly and it was fine but they were closed so I called the ER to talk to the Dr on call and 2 and a half hours later they called back and she told me to go back to 10mg and call my dr on monday…that makes me kinda nervous but Hubby thinks they just covering their butts


how are you feeling today and please describe that unsteadiness in your hands in more detail. Is it actual shaking? is it an awkwardness, an uncoordination? is it due to anxiety?

How is the dryness in your mouth today?


If you want to ask these questions of people who really know these drugs, (no offense guys) go to - the moderators are active in answering questions and are real smart - some of them are educated as neurologists and psychopharmacologists, just not working because of their illnesses.

im feeling fine today (besides a cold or allergies cant decide which) I have been on the 10mg for the past two nights and i have been on that dose since the start of may…the hand unsteadiness was slight like say you held your hand out to see if you were steady when scared just a little movement…the numbness was like on the outside of my palm and my fingertips lasted from 6 to 10 so four hours…kinda like if you go outsidde in the winter and come inside like stiff and slightly numb on the fingertips…