Nortriptyline WAS helping.... But not now

Nori started helping after 9 days at 10mg. But Then I upped the dose to 20mg, missed a little sleep, and reverted right BACK into hell 3 days later. I have now been on 20mg for 9 days and am still feeling no better than before meds. So Im confused, did upping the dose mess me up? Should I stay at 20mg for a while? Or should I go back to 10mg?

Either way, Im getting close to 4 weeks on Nori and my patience is running dry. Im plotting trying an SSRI next because I have a significant anxiety component to this, and I have always had a huge problem with anxiety.

I had a trial with Nori over christmas, were I also became very ill with 20 mg. This time I am going up only 5 mg. a time, and Im only upping every 20. day. And it is going great this timeโ€ฆ I would give it a fair trial, and go to 15 for a time and then up to 20 again :slight_smile:

9 days is not long enough for the Nori to have stabilised you. I had huge crashes during the first 4 months of pushing up - 4 MONTHS!! But there were little improvements throughout that time that made me realise it was helping but the MAV was just a bigger beast than the amount of Nori I was currently on.

Dont despair.