So I’ve been diagnosed with probably MAV triggered by both bright artificial light and flickering artificial light.

I tried Verapamil for a month and didn’t see any changes. I just started on Nortriptyline (10 mg ramping up to 50mg) a few days ago.

How quickly would it be possible for me to start seeing an improvement? I already seem to feel somewhat better, but I realize this could just be a placebo effect. Could the nortriptyline really be doing anything 3 days in? That doesn’t seem possible to me.

Hi and welcome!

I started with the 10mg of Nori but didnt really see any improvement until I got up to 30mg. I’m on 50 now and am about 85% better. I spent 3 weeks on each 10mg dose before I increased it. I can’t see you seeing improvement after 3 days but hey - everyone is different. Good luck!

My doctor said medications are like a lock and key. When the right key fits, your brain knows it…many times right away. Consider it not only a possibility, but maybe even a gift. :slight_smile: Glad to hear something is working fo you.

hey, if you’re feeling better, don’t over-analyse it, just go with it!!
That’s great news :smiley:

Well, I didn’t push it and try to work on a computer all day, but I was able to go for longer than I usually can before I start feeling really sick.

I’m not going to push it until later this week. I bump up to 20mg tomorrow. I kind of wish I was on Effexor as that supposedly works well and doesn’t have the side effects of Nortryptyline, but my doc is a bit old-school with this stuff and Effexor is pretty new to migraine prevention.