I reached the highest dose of Verapamil without success. So, I now have to try another med. I had tried Nortriptyline in the past, but only got up to 20mg, so I didn’t give it a fair trial. I hated the side effects, but if it got rid of this maddening dizziness, it would be well worth it. anyone, find success on this drug? I am so desperate after 2 terrible years to finally get some relief. I’m sure everyone can empathize with that. I just wish something would work by now. I am definitely losing hope now.

Hmm, why not some other class of meds that you haven’t tried already? Re-trying a med you didn’t like should probably not be your first priority, no? :slight_smile:
There are lots and lots of others, such as anticonvulsants, that would work together with verapamil. If you’re prepared to give that up, then beta blockers are on the table too. Then there’s low-dose effexor too.

Hi MavLisa,

I just started Nortriptyline last week. I started with about 2/3 of 10mg capsules. Idid that for 4 days and now am taking the full 10mg. I plan to increase to 20 mg next week and then onto 30 mg thereafter. So far, I havent noticed any improvement. I had some headaches the first few days but not too bad. Interestingly, it hasnt helped me sleep yet. I tried Effexor first and it didnt do anything but it did make me more anxious and I started grinding my teeth much more than usual. Good luck and I will keep you posted. Ben