Nortryptiline trial at 10mg - Update 1 Month

Hi All

I know some people like to know how certain drug trials are going, and for my own records I always like to log my progress with a post on here.

So I’ve been taking Nori for 4 weeks now. The first week I had worsening of symptoms, the second week I felt much clearer in the head, ‘fresh’ and energetic but not a huge improvement in dizziness (if any). The third week I got a stomach bug, and it knocked me for six. The fourth week has been kind of standard symptoms (rocking, jumpy vision, spaced), so no big improvements yet. I hear this is quite common at this dose.

Due to a return of interstitial cystitis symptoms for 1 month (oh its great fun), I have now also restarted 10mg of Citalopram as I’m convinced it had a role in keeping that ailment at bay. As far as MAV is concerned, I’m interested to see if there is any impact combining with the Nori, as for me as it has normally been 2 agents to kick this into the park.

I will move up to 20mg this weekend on Nori for 1 month, and 40mg at start of March. Only real side effect has been dry mouth. Its a bit of walk in the park for side effects if that’s your concern.

If there is no improvement again on 40mg, I will then combine Citalopram with Pizotifen (the fat drug) and see if it works it wonders like back in 2006/7. It didn’t when I retried back in 2008. In either case, I will be 2 stone heavier (better than being dizzy).

Failing that the only drugs I have not trialled are Neurontin, Lyrica, Depakote and Lamotrigine. I love a drug trial me #junkie.

I’ll update in another month, hopefully with success.

Keep smiling.


Thanks for update!
Good luck!
Hope you will feel better in one month:)

Interesting comments. Keep us posted.

Cheers for the update Luke. Really hope Nori does the job. I don’t think you’ll see much until you hit about 40.