Not Able to Sleep Due to Rocking, Tilting & Falling Feelings

My symptoms continue to get worse. I haven’t been able to sleep hardly at all the last couple of nights. If I lie on my back I get the quick side-to-side earthquake shakes that will somewhat subside after lying there a while.

However, If I turn on either side now, I get the same rocking, quick shakes, but I now feel like the bed is tilting and as if I’m going to roll right off the bed. I snore if I sleep on my back and that wakes me up constantly. (I have a mouth guard for snoring, but it causes pain in my TMJ joints and in my ears so I can’t use it very much…) Heaven forbid I roll over on my side, because I then get freaked out when the bed tilts.

I’ve tried using an antihistamine at night to help make me sleep through it as well as 2 mg of Valium on other nights. It’s no use. The sensations are too strong and will still wake me up and then I just feel drugged due to the medication.

I asked my primary care doctor about using Ambien for sleep, but she won’t give me a prescription for it. I also have a CPAP machine, but only used it one night since it made me feel like I was choking. I have considered dusting it off and trying it again…

I have also tried sleeping in a recliner, but I still wake up snoring and then have a backache as well. I’ve considering dropping some pounds to see if it helps with the snoring, but I only weigh 135 pounds so I’m not sure how much weight loss will help.

If I don’t sleep, my symptoms are MUCH worse and I just walk around feeling like a zombie. Can anyone give me any suggestions as to how to deal with this?

hi i had this also as if someone was lifting up the bed and tilting it. this happened alot in the beginning but has died down. Personally i take 5mg valium if i need to sleep. things will improve but it takes time sometimes ALOT of time. Sorry i couldnt be much help maybe someone else may have a better answer.

I got a foam wedge to sleep on. It isn’t as high as a recliner, but better than being flat. I can’t remember where I got mine, but it is something like this… … index.php/
Good luck!

I’ve had these same symptoms as well Kennedy. I truly, truly feel for you as there is no way to describe the torture. My advice is a little odd but I found it to really help me during my really chronic times: I focus on the beating of my heart and try to relax my body as much as possible. For some reason focusing on the motion of my heart cancels out the motion in my head. I hope this helps. If all else fails, you may need to take valium to help you sleep.
Things get better, I feel so badly for you as I can relate so much to how you are feeling.

I used to get flung out the bed exorcist style… mine were violent and horrendous and I wanted to die. Meds WILL make it better but it has never fully gone, now it’s just about 10%, but always there…

Stay strong.

I agree with the others in the first year this was one of my worst symptoms I couldnt even have hubby next to me if he moved I felt weird and like I was falling.
I really feel for you because I had this for a year or more and i only get it now in a bad patch it did stop in the end.

Medication are you on anything? if not get on something amitriptyline/nortrip knocks you right out at bedtime anyway x