Not driving is my trigger

The car is my cure? I am dizzy when I stop driving, and when I am unfathomably dizzy and disabled yet get in the car, I am miraculously better, clear thinking, energetic, even happy when driving. What to do?

What I eat, how I sleep, destressing, medicating – the latter the stupidest idea for someone who feels better driving :shock: – doesn’t change that driving is the cure or relief of my vertigo. In 1 and a half years, it has never happened that driving has not made me feel better. In fact, when I had my “big bang” I noticed that immediately and was repeating to the emergency staff how the car made it all go away.

Perhaps I should live in a motorhome or on a train? It’s all been brief car rides until now, so maybe I’d risk a new problem if I pushed it too far. But honestly, what on earth is this?

I sometimes feel somewhat better when i’m in the car. It’s like the false sense of motion I feel when sitting still is fixed by the fact that when I’m in a car I’m actually moving. I will say that if I’m on a long car ride over 1 1/2 to 2 hours, I’m a mess when I get out. So it does in the long run make me feel worse.
I understand how you feel and hope you feel better soon!

I also used to get this when I was driving in the car and as soon as I stopped at traffic lights or a junction the rocking sensation would start or when I got out of the car. I no longer get this any more. It is weird though. It must be the false sensation of motion.

I am the same. Rocking vanishes when aboard a moving vehicle. Fortunately benzos also work on my rocking.

Thanks for writing, all :slight_smile: At least I’m not the only one – I just needed some reassurance I’m in the right place! It’s just so strange because I have never had headaches.

I also have that one hour more or less driving backlash. Come to think of it, years ago, I had a job where I had a 45 minute stressful train commute , every single day I felt like the world was swimming as soon as I got to my desk, and I had to quit. But still I say my big bang was 1.5 yrs ago

ETA I would hereby like to change my post title to: Driving IS My Trigger

Hi Bluesky-
I have never had headaches either. My problem is the dizziness (rocking/swaying). So I completely understand where you are coming from.
Interestingly though for me, I do just fine on airplanes. I always fly instead of drive if I have the choice. Even long plane rides to the east coast (I live in California) are not a problem for me. I guess I don’t really feel the motion on a plane the way I do in a car.
Happy holidays and happy new year!

That’s fantastic, Joyb77. I wonder how common that is, to be affected by driving in a car but not by air travel. That would be wonderful if I could fly, but I’m too afraid to try it. I would hate to have that horrible Alice feeling when I got to a strange destination and had to manage all the luggage and whatnot.

I understand that! But maybe a short plane ride would be okay? Have you tried it?

I have not been on a plane since this started, firstly because I thought it was an ear infection. I am definitely affected after 1 hour’s drive. If I weren’t alone with a small child, I would try a plane trip. I do however have a history of 3 day long “jet lag” after planes, that felt surprisingly similar to the Alice in Wonderland feeling.

Driving is a HUGE trigger for me. I can only drive very short distances before it becomes completely impossible and outright dangerous. However, flying makes me feel completely normal. I flew into LAX last week and felt so normal immediately after, I was even able to drive in LA traffic which is normally unheard of. I rarely get headaches as well. It’s all very complex and beyond annoying. :twisted:

I notice, also, that driving more than 45 min causes symptoms, and but 15 min makes me feel better for a while afterwards.

I know that I have other triggers. For ex, I found out quickly that I could not drink coffee: both times, within 20 minutes I was a basket case. But motion is not something that can be given up. If I could move to an old fashioned village where the school, the doc, the market and everything were just a few steps away, I surely would! As it is, I just stay home and on the internet, but since the computer is another trigger…aaarrggghhghg

This is when it gets confusing with MdDS.