Not migraine related but

my friend and I were clowning around and he managed to slap me fairly hard on the left side of my face. When he did it my ear immediately began ringing and feeling full/fuzzy. I have tinnitus mostly in my other ear which I had gotten about a year earlier and am used to. It seems somewhat better today but it’s still ringing loud as heck and feels full and slightly muffled. Incidentally I had my posturography test today to check my balance since I’ve been feeling dizzy the past few months, so I told the doctor there about what had happened the night before. They did a hearing test and checked my ear drum which all came back fine. The Dr. wasn’t sure why this happened but thinks that it should go away eventually.

I’m worried as heck right now that my inner ear got damaged further or something. I thought maybe my ear drum had ruptured and that would be the cause for ringing and congested feeling, but I think they would have seen that. Any thoughts? Wouldn’t this sort of thing be common with boxers and martial artists?


I don’t have any helpful comments, but that is sure strange. It’s good you got your ear and your hearing checked right away.

I wonder if the blow caused a sort of concussion to your inner ear, which wouldn’t show up on any test results, I don’t think. And I don’t know if there’s anything they could do about it anyway.

If it doesn’t go away soon, I would go back to the doctor. Presumably you’re seeing a neuro-otologist?

Good luck,


I’m not sure if there is any good advice for this. Personally since the dizzy crap started for me I’m super protective of my ears and head in general, almost to an OCD level.
It seems, normally things such as that shouldn’t or wouldnt have any repercussions but I think all of us here are extra sensitive.