Not on a preventative

For those of us not using a preventative, what do you use to get you through the day, in the form of tablets etc.

Over the last few years I have always used syndol broken in halves throughout the day, lately I have tried to eliminate the caffeine part of the tablet so have resorted to paracetamol and codeine over the last 4 weeks, I was feeling a lot worse, so ordered some doxylamine (the anti histamine part of the syndol) which offers some relief but not the same as my trusty old syndol. Maybe it is taking longer for me withdrawing totally from the caffiene that I thought (4 weeks now), but the dizziness is less controlled.

I was wondering how big a part the anti histamine played in holding down the dizziness.

I have been taking betahistine for the last 10 years and I have the odd stemetil (which does help sometimes but not others).

What do you take to help you have a life!


I wish I could help. The only thing I take is a beta blocker propanolol. This works a lot of the time as a preventative, namely it lessens my symptoms in a general way but doesn’t stop the condition. Unfortunately when, like now, I am having a major flare up there is absolutely nothing that works to stop it. I just have to ride it out. I know some people get great relief from valium and benzos in general but unfortunately they do nothing for me. It drives me mad that I am so powerless when in a relapse.