Not sure what to do?

I can’t stop thinking I have something sinister like a tumour. My gp has done a thorough neuro test, had my eyes looked at at opticians, had bloods done and all ok. He offered me a ct brain scan to put my mind at rest but said about the risks of having one with all the radiation.
I thought I was having a stroke yesterday, the left side of my head/ cheek felt numb and a crushing feeling, I can’t think straight, have a constant foggy head, my right arm and leg keep feeling weak and tingly and numb,nausea, had to put sunglasses on because the light was making me screw my eyes up, I can’t be bothered seeing anyone, I cry constantly.
I don’t want to have the scan but I feel this is the only way to believe that I havent got something sinister going on.I am seeing a gp tomorrow and I am going to mention migraines and getting referred to a neurologist but I know it’s months to see one on the nhs.

Why a CT scan rather than an MRI? The latter has no radiation and would show you and tumour activity.

If you can’t get the MRI, take the CT. The radiation is not that significant in the scheme of things and it sounds like you are paralyzed with fear and will not be able to move forward with your life until you get some certainty.


Gp’s can’t directly send you for an mri you have to be referred by a specialist first for e.g a neurologist.

I would definitely have the brain scan to put your mind at rest. From reading all your posts it’s clear you are extremely worried so that seems to be the best course of action. I had a CT scan years ago having had lots of symptoms very similar to your own. It came back clear and ultimately the diagnosis was VM. Those scans are expensive and its not every doctor that will order one for that reason, so I’d take him up on his offer if I were you while it’s still on the table.


I had one about 8 yrs ago so I am worried if I have another this will be too much radiation for my body.

For what it’s worth, Zipster, my understanding is that a slightly increased risk of cancer occurs after cumulative exposure to more than 50mSV (millseverts). A typical head CT creates about 3mSV of exposure. On that basis, I would think that the added risk would not amount to much when compared to the stress and anxiety you are feeling as a result of your fears.


Thanks apace41 for that information. I am seeing him tomorrow so I will see what he says, I think for my sanity I am going to have to get it done otherwise I am never going to accept if it is mav or something else.

I have had 2 ct scans with in a month of each other and an MRI. i say do the ct and put your mind at ease.