Nother Doctor Appt. Diamox and/or Verpamil

Okay so I just had a doc appt with a headache specialist/neurologist. I had an appt in the works with a different neurologist and got called in today.
She believes I do not have MAV either. She thinks my anxiety is out of control. Which it is. My anxiety is really high compared to what it should be as I’m feeling better each month. However, she said my symptoms dont fit into a nice box so since the nortriptyline at 10mg is working I should stay with it and add in Diamox. If I’m not better in say 3 months and I want to ditch the nortriptyline, than she would like to start me on Verapamil. Funny thing is I told her I have taken that, turns out I was on Inderal. The doc that gave me inderal discussed with me verapamil, I could of swore I started the verapamil, but it wasn’t that long but still, what the heck, my short term is declining. Anyways.

Anyone tell me about these? More the Diamox. I have read about the verapamil, it seems that its generally well tolerated and works half the time?

I also asked about Paxil. She doesn’t like it. She mentioned prozac. This would be in addition to the nortriptyline. She also talked about Buspar. But said she usually doesn’t prescribe that much. She sent the notes to my regular doc that referred me. But she gave me the diamox and will give me the verapamilwhen Im ready to try it. Diamox is 125 twice a day.

Took verapamil for a short time. It didn’t help my migraines and gave me bad constipation. But it lowered my blood pressure like crazy. It is generally well tolerated. Perhaps if I had committed to eating a ton of bran and prunes I could have managed it. :slight_smile:

Everyone responds to meds differently and a lot of people here have had great success with verapamil! But for me, it made me more dizzy and had severe constipation. Had it helped with my dizziness, I would have tolerated the constipation. Perhaps I didn’t give it enough time. The constipation was the worst.

But definately talk to those that it has helped. There are a lot on this forum.

Good luck. Let us know.

After trying all the obvious, I went back to verapamil as had run out of options and the side effects were OK . For me it has reduced the frequency and severity of migraines without helping the dizziness at all. But very happy to take wins where I find them after 2 years of this mess. The current neuro i see seems very up to date on MAV and he likes verapamil. Good luck.