Now convinced drugs don't help me!

Hi Adam, everyone

Hope you all managed to have a good Xmas/New Year. I’ve been lucky, I have just come off a really good spell of around 4 weeks dizzy free. The beauty of it is that I was on no medication what so-ever. So far I have tried Pizotifen, Propranolol and Verapmil. I found that I had good and really bad spells at no particular times whether I was on the drugs or not (sound familiar to some?). I feel now that it was just coincidence that I was having a good spell whilst on a certain drug, therefore, I decided to stop taking all of them.

Personally, I think I have some kind of Fistula in my inner ear that goes through stages of repairing itself (this is when I feel good) and opening up when I’m over doing it with stress, doing weights, whatever (this is when I feel bad). I suspect this Adam because as you mentioned a while back, I feel the symtoms when I blow my nose (I get really dizzy). I feel the Dr’s didn’t pick it up on my MRI’s and Cat scans the first time. I was actually feeling good when I had them so the fistula (if I have one) could have been closed at the time.

I am seeing a really good Neuro in March so I will look into my theory closly with him. After the stress and effort of the festive season I am starting to feel dizzy again. We’ll see how long it lasts this time. I know everyone has different symtoms and theorys, but if this story sounds familiar to you, maybe you should look into it also! :wink:

Cheers everyone


Hi Tib

Re. the fistula - it won’t show up on MRI or cat scan.

Your neurologist might put you back to an ENT (no neurotologists in Adelaide that I am aware of)
because a fistula is a purely ear-related issue.

There is also another possibility for pressure-induced dizziness (like blowing your noise), which
is superior canal dehiscence (SCD). Usually someone with SCD will also suffer from sudden vertigo
when they hear sounds at certain frequencies (especially low frequencies). A CT scan of the temporal
bone can diagnose this.

Hopefully a good ENT can help rule both of these out (or show one of them to be the cause).

Lifting weights is certainly a very possible source of a fistula.

More info here: … stula.html


Thanks Adam, there’s some good info there!