Numb hands/feet and feel like pain/sensation is distant

Along with millions of other symptoms my circulation is horrific now. My hands and feet are always freezing and go numb alot. Also I feel like whenever I am touched, everything feels like it’s at a distance, but that might be part of the depersonalization/ derealization/ off equilibrium that I have that is 24/7.

Does anyone else experience this? I have been diagnosed with an inner ear disorder. My testing is always off with vestibular testing. But I’m also wondering if I have something else.


Short answer - yes.

I think migraine can affect all the senses. “Traditionally” for me this is sight but I’ve also had hearing (muffled, distant), touch (numbness, tremors), smell (phantom wasabi peas), taste (dull).


Okay thanks. It’s just so crazy. Isn’t it hard to believe that MAV can cause all these problems? I do believe that if something is off in our bodies it can cause a lot of things to be out of whack, but still, sometimes it’s hard to soak it all in. All from MAV? Maybe so. Like I’ve read, symptoms go in cycles. And that’s been a 100% true for me. It all started with migraines when I was about 12, so I guess I seem like a typical migraine case and that’s what I’ve been diagnosed with.

Well anyhow,