Numbness in fingers

Has anyone experienced numbness in their fingers from nortripyline?

I started nortriptyline last tuesday at 10mg and upped to 20mg after 3 days so now have been taking it for 6 days. I’ve always felt like I have poor circulation but my hands and feet are seemingly more cold since starting this…Not quite to the extent of being numb but the kind of ‘numb’ they get when they’re cold. I’m supposed to go to 30mg tonight but I think I’m going to stick to 20 for at least a day or 2 more as it seems like it’s making me more fatigued during the day, as well as kinda weird (like a high) an hour after taking it so I wanna give my body a little more time to adapt to it.

That’s a hoot!

Oh, the perils of overdetermination.

I was bothered by cold extremities, originally feet but then hands as well. Eventually thought the worsening was a concomitant of depression incident on the stresses and illness that hit me in the last year-plus. My sweetie was startled at how icy they got.

At some point in this process, my GI prescribed nortriptyline to ease the gut: 25 mG, then 50, then 75, with my internist’s concurrence. All this while Meniere’s was the definitive diagnosis and sac surgery the proposal.

I backed off from the 75 to 50 because of next-day hangovers. With the MAV diagnosis, I backed down to 25 because my doc proposed sticking with diet first. Meanwhile, since I started the diet–also Spring blossomed here outside Wash., DC; also I met some deadlines successfully; etc.–my extremities have warmed nicely.

Go figure.

I had heart palpitations (fluttering heart) while trying to ride the exercise bike on day 7 of this drug. I started at 10mg for 3 days and was on 20 for 4 days before this happened. Frustrating too because since I’d been on the 20mg I hadn’t had a doozy of a migraine…just low grade stuff…so reasonable chance it was working or would have worked fully at a higher dose. But I can’t risk it with heart stuff…

Most people tolerate it well so I hope it works for you. And about the numbness and cold hands…after 36 hours of being off it I’ve already regained my blood pressure and no longer have the cold hands/feet. My normal pre meds was like 115/75 or something and after a week of verapamil and then this for a week I was in the 95/60 range. Today in the ER it was like 110/75 or thereabouts. Interesting…especially because I thought the halflife was long and it can stay in your body a long time.

I do have a pretty bad headache right now but haven’t been able to talk to my gp or neuro to ask about imitrex…I know it has heart warnings so I’m not taking that til I get the OK…I can just relax and hopefully sleep soon and wake up without it tomorrow. :slight_smile: