Nystagmus and MAV

Hello Guys,

I have been feeling 24/7 dizzy since beginning of this year. One day I woke up and I was unstable like I was drunk. I took shower, walked down the stairs but the dizziness stayed for about half a day. I had some headache like you would because of stress or tension, and upset stomach. The dizziness went away after that day. I would feel woozy here and there next few days, some occasions I remember are like at gym, doing push ups. One time push ups actually triggered the dizziness. Anyways after 15 days or so that dizziness just set in. I had brain fog which was horrible, heavy head,fullness in right ear, ringing. This went on for a month and brain fog just disappeared overnight (thank god). Since then dizziness is my companion. It changes in intensity and feeling. I have had soreness in one eye, weird points on body that are sore. Starting April, I started having numbness and tingling in my left foot and hand. It is like somebody sat on and cut off blood supply only by some. I had my pinky go numb for like 2 mins for no reason. Also I now experience twitching / flutter of muscles on my body, specially lower half.

So far I have had brain MRI - Normal. VNG - showed downbeat nystagmus when I move head, and right and left beat nystagmus when I move my head in respective directions. I had mostly normal neurological exam but it was before all numbness and tingling started. I am scheduled to have Spine MRI and Lumbar puncture.
I went to neuro - otologist few days back and he said it can be MAV. So prescribed me verapomil 120 mg. Today marks one week on it. I see lot of people posting that it takes time see the effects of the drug.

Here are my main questions:

  1. Does MAV have nystagmus? specially downbeat?
  2. What further tests should I do / you guys did to rule out more serious neurological disorders?
  3. What are the best clinics in USA for diagnosing patients with dizziness? I live near Atlanta.
  4. Why would MAV come one day than wait and then set in like a permanent guest?
  5. Does anybody have similar to mine?

Thank you!

Ive never experienced the tingled in my body
ans ive had mav for 5 years. However i do experience the nystagmus. did your doctor say the tingling was a symptom?