Is nystagmus noticed with mav? My first bout of this I had left beating nystagmus but no bppv. This time around they are noticing left nystagmus again and said it could be bppv along with the mav. He said to stop doing the epley if it doesn’t help and it is definitely not helping. Anyone experience positional vertigo w mav? Is it bppv too? This is no fun!

Hi Emily,

I too have positional vertigo, and have had an episode of spontaneous vertigo with nystagmus in August last year which terrified me! I had been tossing and turning in bed due to a sore hip. I now sleep almost upright! I visited neurotologjst Dr Surenthiran in Dec13 who diagnosed MAV and possible BPPV. He performed the Dix hall pike and didn’t see any nystagmus, although I felt spinning, he said there wasn’t any and it wasn’t of organic origin. However he didn’t exclude BPPV.

Personally I don’t think I have BPPV but because of my recent awful episode I have a phobia about vertigo happening and haven’t been moving and bending properly so when I do I experience vertigo. This has never happened before in over 20 years of undiagnosed vertigo. I am hoping that the lyrica I’m taking will help.