Odd goings-on

What do you get when you mix dizziness fluctuating between slightly better and worse, a pulse of 100+, hot/cold spells, and a won’t-die headache that lasts 2.5 days longer than any other you’ve had before? Me, in a nutshell.

I’m deep into a nortrip. trial (40 at the moment), and it’s odd. Throughout the dose steps (10, 20…) there’ve been brief times where it seemed I felt a little better – maybe a small step-down in dizziness intensity; maybe less visual sensitivity. And there are other times where, more like the experience with Effexor, vertigo seems worse.

Also odd is that I seem to have had a gradually increasing pulse. It’s usually in the 80s, but it’s been up. I can’t tell if the nortrip. is to blame, as I was above average (90-95) even before starting the med, but in recent days, it’s been anywhere from 100 to 120. Scheduled to see an electrocardiologist this week about that.

I seem also to be getting hot and cold spells – I may feel much too warm in the office, and I may feel like there’s a cold draft at home. The room temperatures are fine, etc. – I can tell it’s a “false” sensation of heat or cold.

Last but not least, I just had by far the hardest-to-kill headache ever. Began Friday night, ended Sunday night. The advice here says “avoid painkillers,” but I finally threw in the towel and said “I’m doing whatever it takes to end this thing.” It took hydromorphone (and more than once) to do it. The only thing I can think of is maybe I caused it by having aspartame (in a diet ginger-ale) for the first time since cutting it out of diet months ago.

This is a bad joke. If the nortriptyline + Topamax don’t clear things up, then as of our last meeting, Hain’s “next step” ideas were Namenda and then baclofen. This from the doctor who writes of Namenda, “We are trying this out in refractory patients. It is difficult to see why it would work.” But we haven’t tried all the other options…

I’m a walking oddity of symptoms. More to the point, I feel like I’m wearing a lock that there’s no key to.

I especially hate how I feel right now, physically and psychologically. If anyone needs me, I’ll be in the oven at 425 for 30 to 40 minutes.

I am sorry you are feeling badly. I have had a 2+ day headache myself! I have been taking Advil to no avail. I even drank a cup of coffee…nothing. If you are having hot/cold flashes have you considered you may be sick? When I was really sick with MAV last year I had strep throat for days before I noticed because I felt like such crap with the MAV.

I was on nort for 10 months and it worked for me. I would say it was a few months in before I noticed a real difference, but I noticed little differences from the get go.

I almost feel like I’m sick with something, but I kind of think I’m not. I’ve been feeling off-and-on nauseous tonight, but the entire day today was a complete bomb – one of the worst I can remember having. The vertigo-like stuff is kicking with an intensity I rarely feel. Maybe today’s the “hangover” from the weekend-from-hell, which involved a lot of pain and a few very strong pills. I haven’t slept well either lately; my “sleep schedule” is out of whack. Sometimes I’ve got insomnia, but sometimes I bring that problem on myself.

In all, Monday may have been worse than the extended headache. Here’s hoping for a decent night’s sleep and better Tuesday.