Odd migraine/ vasculitis/dizziness

Hi, I’m new here. I have been experiencing a problem with my head & the doctors say they either don’t know what’s wrong or say it’s
migraine, the idea of cns vasculitis has come up but they don’t so. I’m 51, have hypertension, high cholesterol, factor V leiden, history of aseptic meningitis in 98 & was diagnosed with dermatomyositis which is in remission & hopefully will never return. For years I’ve been experiencing a problem with head, but symptoms recentl have changed & the dizziness has worsened. I deal with my head not feeling normal on a daily basis. It is not with pain, but I get pressure at the back of my head. I have been getting so dizzy. A few weeks ago I was so dizzy all I could do was lay down on my left side. If I moved, it felt as though I was on an amusement ride. Last Friday while at the office, I suddenly got dizzy to the point, just the slightest movement of my chair made me so dizzy. Then my head felt terrible. My head does not feel good & then I get so dizzy. Sometimes it feels as though I’m having a stroke as my right arm feels odd. I’m able to use it but it feels odd. Another ongoing problem is that I have memory, comprehension problems, words sometimes coming out wrong when speaking. I feel so dumb yet it’s the problem that is causing this. I saw Dr. L at the MEEI & he sent me for the vestibular tests & the one where the chair rotates shows that I have a central vestibular problem. A few yrs back he had me go through the tests & said it wasn’t clear then but he thought that’s what the problem was. He wants me to see a headache dr at MGH, Dr. C, but seems he deals with pain. However, I’ve read only bad reviews about this particular dr. I’ve taken depakote which did not help. I’m on verapamil for my blood pressure. I’ve tried to ask Dr. L what central means, but haven’t heard from him. I guess the problem comes from the brain rather than the inner ear. I would like to know if there are other causes & not just migraine. I’ve had MRI/MRA scans which look ok & a pet scan. I’m contemplating an angiogram to be sure it’s not vasculitis, but it’s an invasive procedure with the risk of stroke. I’m hoping this is a migraine without pain, but can it lasts for weeks on end?
My head itself doesn’t feel good (without pain) then at any given moment, I can experience terrible dizziness. My ears ring too and make noise at times, but can put up with that. I just can’t take my head like this day in and day out. I don’t want to lose my job. I carry the health insurance for my family. Sorry for writing so much, but wanted to try to get in as much info as possible since I’m new. Thanks in advance for any info you can provide and please feel free to ask any questions. Does this sound familar to anyone? Has anyone experienced their head not feeling good without pain for weeks on end & experience dizziness out of the blue. You feel as though you don’t want to move your head. Have trouble comprehending, speaking, word finding, etc.

hi i too have major head problems, feels to heavy to hold up. i have also felt like im having a stroke, my arms feel like the have weights on them. i cant think straight and my cordination is off. im extremely dizzy, earss ringing feel like im having muscle melt downs. so far they say migraine induced vertigo, i do have headaches and get pressure. certainly sounds like you have a type of vertigo and worth exploring the migraine option. it may not be a quick fix but slowly you can adjust