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off meds 3 weeks now feeling ear clogged again

I came off topamax 3 weeks ago as I had enough of the side effects and IT wasn’t controlling enough symptoms. I was good for the first 3 week being off a drug but now I’m getting the clogged ear again and the floaty balance!

When will this end! How come this never goes? I just want doctors to find out more because it feels like there must be damage in my brain or ear to be here 24/7

Unlikely to be any true ‘damage’ I’d say if you’ve had the usual MRI/CT Scans come back clear. Brains are really well protected by the skull and if you’ve never landed on your head in an accident. And only yesterday I saw a TV News item showing pigs brains cells showing signs of restoration when provided with blood supply again four hours after being removed from dead pigs so brains must be pretty tough organs. Ears could be causing a problem more easily but if you’ve had All Clear on tests, would that be?

I guess it could have taken that long to leave your system entirely and now you are on your own with symptoms and no meds to control it.

Wouldn’t that be great. We all wish that but it’s a rather long term option. Short-term might be best to find another med to try. Nothing is likely to get you to 100% but I know I’d soon relapse if I quit mine. Helen

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arghhhhhhhh so frustrating! I was feeling good for 3 weeks no meds!!! Now it’s all coming backk

Frustrating to say the least

Most frustrating as you say. The whole MAV experience is more than frustrating. ‘Life changing’ as my God daughter described it when I told her why I hadn’t been able to attend her father’s funeral.

Trouble is. I don’t think you were ‘no meds’ for that three weeks. And it gave you a false impression. It must have been working out of your system gradually. Helen

Argh. Annoying. Did you get clogged ears whilst on Topomax is did it at least control that?

yeah probably Helen

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the clogged ear went away after a couple months on topamax

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Interesting and I’d say significant. I found much greater improvement all round since the full ears stopped feeling full. These drugs must all work differently because some don’t seem to touch ear pressure even if they help other symptoms. If only more research was carried out, eh. Helen

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