Officially going to Cleveland Clinic

Well, I’ve made my decision. I have an appointment with Dr Neil Cherian on Wed., November 14. He’s a neurotologist who includes “migraine-associated dizziness” among his areas of particular interest.

All the reviews I’ve seen on other sites (like are nothing but 4-star (out of 4) across the board, and in looking at the search feature here on MVertigo, I see Colleen (is she still active here?) also had a lot of good things to say about him.

I find it funny that the day after I formally decided (on Cleveland over Mayo), people are coming up and saying to me, “Did you hear both candidates mentioning Cleveland Clinic during the debate last night?”

(The answer is no, I didn’t know it was mentioned in the debates, since I didn’t watch. I’m not really in the market for “Headache-In-A-Can.” I’ve got plenty of it already.)

Great news George! Really hoping you find some answers that get you feeling much better. :slight_smile:

Keep us posted on the visit.

It was a “Headache-In-A-Can”

Really hope you find some answers, help and hope!

I saw Dr. Cherian last month. He said Iam in Vam 24/7 hard to believe on my part. any one here had the diagnosis?

lam in Vam?
I’m afraid I don’t know what that is.
George…here’s hoping you get some answers. And kudos for you for not giving up!!
Best to you…

I’ve seen “VAM” a rare handful of times. A few people switch the words and say “Vertigo-Associated Migraine” (which actually makes decent sense to me, when I think about it.) So I think the other poster was saying “I am in a state of constant VAM (MAV)” — rather than episodic, that is — according to the doctor.

The site here says colleen77 last posted in 2011. Has anyone talked to her in the last year or so? I’d be interested in getting a couple questions answered about the visit.

Anyway, thanks again everyone. Will post more later.