Oh, no, now hubby's dizzy

…and I’m like the carpenter who sees a nail as the problem in everything, but there sure are some familiar signs!

He’s had migraine headaches for several years, and he woke up at 4 AM Saturday with one (this was to be a long weekend away from work because of the Martin Luther King holiday on Monday). Late that night, after he went to bed, the dizziness started. He woke up Sunday extremely dizzy and nauseated. He had no appetite, but did try to drink some water. Within a few hours, he threw up (the water). He had a little break, then it happened again. For the rest of the day, he only wanted to sleep, though the headache was mostly gone - it was the dizziness and nausea that were too hard to handle in an upright position. He emerged from bed for awhile and had some chicken soup around dinnertime, and kept it down - then back to bed. I kept trying to get water into him, but I was afraid dehydration was probably adding to the problem because he just felt so queasy he kept refusing. Finally, just before bed, he drank some ginger ale and ate a few crackers.

On Monday I got him to eat some oatmeal and a little later, to drink some Gatorade, but he was still very dizzy, though less than the day before. So I talked him into going to the Urgent Care Center. There, they ruled out anything to do with his heart, or a stroke, or gallbladder (I’m not sure why that came up, but it did). When the doctor turned his head from side to side, that motion provoked even worse dizziness. (That used to really do it for me!!) Since he has an ear, nose, and throat doc for another condition, the doc suggested he follow up with his ENT. Final diagnosis: “acute vertigo.” (Duh.) He was given IV fluids, some antivert, and something for the nausea, plus prescriptions for same. He felt quite a bit better, and even wanted to stop and grab a bite to eat on the way home - a good sign. But doc advised that he stay home from work another day.

So we tried to get in to see his regular ENT guy today (Tuesday) but he wasn’t in, so he saw one of his partners and an audiologist. Dix Hallpike was negative. Even though he hasn’t had a cold, doc said he has inflammation in his inner ear, and told him to keep taking the stuff for dizziness the other doc prescribed, plus she was adding a 6 day pack of Medrol (that’s what my primary care physician thought my problem was, and it’s exactly what he prescribed for me, early in my MAV saga).

Well, I hope this works - he’s mentioned during a couple of his other migraine headaches that he’s had mild dizziness, but nothing like this. I hope for his sake that the doctor is right, that this really is a temporary inner ear thing and this medication will fix him, and he’ll never have any severe episodes of dizziness again. Mine started with a severe episode, and I think it was after the second or third severe episode that the daily wobbliness set in, with moderate episodes popping up too. So his pattern is different in that respect - it would be just too bizarre if it turns out he has this beast too!

gosh i’m so sorry that has to be very hard with two of you in that condition. Is he any better now???


Thanks for asking, Chris - He’s much less dizzy, but the dizziness isn’t gone. And he’s almost finished with the Medrol 6 day pack, so if that was supposed to take care of inner ear inflammation - if that’s really the problem - it didn’t do it. At least the nausea is over.

He has a follow up doc appointment in a couple of days, so we’ll see what his dizzy status is then, and what the ENT has to say about it. Since his migraine headaches have been more frequent in the last couple years, I’m just afraid his migraine brain is evolving and dizziness is now in the migraine picture for him, too. But I REALLY hope that’s not it!! We don’t need any more members in our club - and I don’t want any of my loved ones to join!