OMG feel terrible

Hi, went out to a nightclub last night, didn’t drink but woke up feeling like I did. I was really dizzy and have been all day. I’m just whirling.
I was feeling quite good up to this point. I only got 3 hours sleep though so that dosen’t help.

Why has this happened to me ? Gosh, I hope I go back to my normal dizziness and fast!!!

There is no way I could go into a place like that with this condition. Maybe the lights set you off or all the movement or even the loud music. And the lack of sleep is a huge trigger for most people…you have to figure out your limits until you get yourself to a “normal” type place …everyone if different.

Blondie – loud noise for hours plus disrupted sleep is what did you in. Both are big migraine triggers. S

Yes think I got too brave (trying to be normal) Im only in my early 20’s!! I have learnt that lesson now though ,no more nights on the town for me unless I wake up one morning and its gone!! :smiley: Wishful thinking . Just hope Im better 2moro fingers and toes crossed.


Sorry to hear you got whacked. I just thought I would say don’t be put off trying to normal things if you can i.e don’t let this stuff rule your life. Don’t be afraid to go out and be social as it all helps mentally to be around friends & joke about to take your mind of this junk.

I’ve had this for 5 years now - periods of remission with all the usual nastiness of it - the only thing I can say for sure is that a good & positive mental perspective does impact massively on the way you feel - dizzy or not.

I’ve had this since age 22, so I know where you are coming from.

Hope things settle down for you soon.

Good luck