On my Pity-Pot,,,,,

Ok, so I added the Nori. to my Verapamil like the good doc wanted. Even with only 5mgs of Nori, I’m a sedated, depressed blob. I know it will take a week or two to get through each side effect/dose increases. I’m always such a “glass half-full” person, and I’ve only been dealing with this monster for about 6 months (no time at all in the Big-Scheme of things). But, today is the first time that I feel like a full-blown, giant, blubbering, down-in-the-dumps mess. The 24/7 dizzy aspect of this junk is so hard, as you all know. I’m thinking of ditching the ultra-low salt diet (1000-1500 mgs a day) and hunker down more on the migraine diet. Geesh…all of this is like an extra full-time job with the food, sleep, water, meds., side effects, weather, hormones. I know that I just need to put my Big Girl Panties on and suck it up, but I can’t seem to jump-start that part of my head today. Does anyone have some humor, wisdom, prayers, or ANTHING to give me a a swift kick in my bum!!!

well you are braver than I am - im terrified of meds so good for you trying them out. I have days like you are having too and have been having them for years where i just sit and cry and think "why me? what the heck did i do to deserve this illness. I totally related to what you are going through.

My thoughts and prayers are with you - hugs to you too!!! I bet it will get better since you are on medication :slight_smile:


So sorry Pink you’re struggling with all this. I can so relate… I went through this early on and went through it again a few weeks ago during a bit of a relapse. It is sort of a full time job when it’s not managed yet. It’s overwhelming the different components that can or need to be addressed… you’re absolutely right about that. I’ve done my share of pouting. Getting meds at the appropriate dosage can be tricky and can be everything. Hope you have a really good relationship with your doctor which is the key to tinkering with it all… Just figuring out the food part is depressing enough if you need to pull some favorite foods out of your diet. I’m still grieving some of that.
Hang in there. We’re here to listen.
P.S. It can and will get better

Gail and Chirs-Thanks for the encouragment. I will keep looking for my Big Girl Panties!


Hey Linda - if you can force yourself (which is hard) and if you can try going for a walk or doing some exercise. It’s SO HARD to motivate yourself when you feel crap, but if you cna get some endorphins happening then they will help give you a mini-boost.

hang in there!

Hi Pink,
Geez I’ve been there and then some…crying and frustrated and not seeing any light at the end of any tunnel…the Nori should help you, but that dose is teeny…it might take more to get that boost. I can tell from a recent boost in my meds that I am my old self, or at least the closest to it than I’ve been in forever. I’m singng in the car and dancing around the house and feeling sooo much better. Now mind you, it’s been 2 years + and probably 6 different meds…so I’m not sure what’s to attribute it to, but it feels great to be some spunkiness back.
With that being said…without meds I was a wreck…being on too low or wrong meds I wasn’t anywhere near my normal self…so it’s been a work in process…
hang in there and keep remembering to focus on the other side of this…If I were you and I could tolerate it, I would go up on the Nori if no bad side effects were happening…just an opinion… :wink:

Kelley it’s great that you are feeling so well!

Does Nori help with anxiety? Is this something I should talk to my doctor about? She doesnt want to seem to get passed the topomax which i still havent touched. UGH!!!

Pinkone, if it’s humour you need go here: http://mvertigo.cloudapp.net/t/warning-this-is-so-funny-youll-cry-have-tissues-ready/2610 hours of laughter to be had!

Sometimes the best thing we can do is to allow ourselves time on the pity pot, wallow in our misery, walk through it, then come up fighting. It helps to purge instead of being all bottled up inside. It’s ok, as long as you come up fighting. :wink:
Check out the link that Victoria posted, you’ll forget about your troubles while you are there.

OMG–I used to hate spiders, but because of David’s drawings, I love them now! Thanks for the humor…so appreciated!! I’m almost off of my Pity-Pot and I’m ready to park my Whaaahmbulance…at least for today!


Just curious, Linda, did you find yourself sedated on just the Verapamil?

Yes, the Verapamil makes me sedated. And this )*^%#@ Nortriptyline is making me sedated too. And, uh, the Verapamil constipation is now joined by the Nori constipation, yippee! I’ve been taking 400mgs Magnesium and at least 12 prunes a day to help in that dept. I may have increase both of those (sorry about the subject, but it’s a real side effect). The other bad side effect with the Verapamil is my hair loss…oh my gosh…it’s really coming :? out. I don’t know if it will stop at some point or not. Of course only 1% are supposed to have hair loss on that drug, lucky me. The Nori will probably cause hair loss too for all I know.

I never heard of hair loss as a side effect of Tri’s, but anything possible.
I can speak for the “other” situ with the constipation…The Cymbalta is a culprit in that department as well. Ihave to get weekly colonics to get cleaned out…oh joy! I will try extra magnesium and see if that helps. Just so you know, you’re not alone!!

Thanks Kelley- Those prunes help too! Ugh :frowning: .