One Post- Few Questions.......Neurotransmitters, flying...

Hello all,

For those of you that have MAV… does flying make you worse? How about higher elevations?
And one more wierd type question…

When trying to find a medication that works for you, in the process of starting and stopping and trying different ones,
Can this mess with you Neurotransmitters too much and wreak havoc?

I guess Im to the point if PT doesn’t help, then Im going to go full force and put all fears aside and try the meds that Im so scared of.
I’m fearful of h.a and dizziness, and it seems like they pretty much ALL have that side effect… sigh…

Looking back on Topamax… that made me dizzier than Sh!t.


I have the same fears :frowning: just took cymbalta and scared to death it’s gonna make me worse! And I missed my grandmothers 90th bday bc I won’t fly and she lives in Denver with high altitude! I used to fly there all the time:(

Flying does affect me but only on take off n landing n whenever the plane turns but otherwise flying isn’t to bad once ur up in the air but don’t let it put u off ive seen on this board that alot of ppl don’t suffer much at all when flying.
Higher elevations do affect me sometimes

I have a dreadful time flying. Generally allright on the way there, but this lowers my trigger level and so I get dreadful symptoms on return, normally for a few weeks. The good news is that I have often enquired whether other people have these problems and it seems I am mostly alone. Generally people seem to be fine flying with this condition. Statistically the chances are you will be fine.

Also, drug wise, I tried numerous drugs till I hit on the right one. I generally get awful side effects but apart from one, which I knew before I took it had a bad withdrawal profile so might cause me problems for longer, all of them I have just come off and then been fine again. THe drug leaves your body and you pick up where you left off. I wouldn’t be scared of them, more scary is the idea of not getting relief from this condition, which drugs give me.


I’m flying to Hawaii next Friday and I’m scared to death!! First time since my MAV hit a year ago. I guess I’m just going to practice deep breathing and have some Ativan handy. Fingers crossed it goes okay because I have two more trips planned this year!