One year today

I’m feeling pretty upset today as it’s exactly a year since this all hit and i’m not feeling good at all. The rocking in my vision is awful, the room rocks, objects wobble and rock and i feel very vertigo-ey… DEEP BREATHS.

I know i’m better than i was when this hit, so little by little, we will all get there!

I am also a sufferer of the visuals and wobbly objects you describe. It’s like you were talking about me. I’m approaching the one year mark soon and it’s still happening, still an everyday battle (some better than others). Nice to know we are not alone and I know how you feel : (
I’m glad to hear that you are better than when it started (yay) and onward and upward from here!
Brookie xxx

Thanks Brookie. I see you’re also trying out propranolol at the moment. How are you feeling? I’m exhausted but no change in my dizziness yet… VERY calm though haha! In fact i’d say i’m a bit too calm “don’t care” attitude!

Congratulations you have got through hopefully what will be the toughest year of your life. Onwards and upwards from here x

Thank you for a lovely message Jem x