Other illnesses

Just interested in any other things you may have wrong. Example, I have B12 deficiency which I have 3 monthly injections for. I have a bit of autoimmune stuff going on. Autoimmune thyroid although the TSH remains normal. I have reactive hypoglycemia (Glucose tolerance test at hospital). I also have a longstanding lower back problem.
Just wondering if there were any connections to other problems we have.

Very likely gluten intolerance - haven’t had any tests (except a blood test after many months on a gluten-free diet - in case you don’t know, you need to have been eating gluten for a few months for the test to be at all reliable, and even then a negative blood test can’t rule it out, only in). I don’t feel as if I need tests though, considering the difference it made to switch to a gluten-free diet. It took a month or two, but things sure changed (mostly bowel stuff). Since then, I tried a week of gluten-eating again Jan 2008, and it wasn’t very fun. It MIGHT have been part Lyrica withdrawal, which in hindsight was stupid (to try both at about the same time), but I’m still pretty darn sure and I’m not trying again until I’m feeling better from the MAV crap. I was only on Lyrica for about a week too, so surely any withdrawal symptoms should have been mild!

Except for that… Well, loads of anxiety (probably panic disorder + agoraphobia and/or generalized anxiety disorder), and most likely completely unrelated, psoriasis.
The anxiety started long before the MAV, but on the other hand, skyrocketed after my MAV crash. Well, probably before or during it, actually. I’m not sure which caused what in the first place, if they’re related at all, which I definitely think (and hope - if I’m this nervous wreck even after a MAV “cure” (right!) I STILL won’t have a life).

It seems as if I may have reactive hypoglycemia too, or at the very least random hypoglycemic attacks. Thyroid tests are weird - I’ll get new results in a week, last test was early 2008, so we’ll see… I’ve had a normal-high, and even over the range once, T4, but with a climbing TSH - something like 2 in 2006, then 3.2, 3.5 and 3.77, but on the last test it went down a bit again to… uh, 3 point something.

Heck, I thought I was going to be brief… turns out there are some odd things going on.
Other blood test oddities from the top of my head: high bilirubin (may well be of no concern), high MCV = large red blood cells without anemia or low B12/folate, slightly over the range morning cortisol.
Looks like I’m a medical wreck reading this post! :shock:

Hi Every one yes.
IBS, insomnia.
Tachycardia of the AV node, soon to be oblated. :smiley:

Oh yes. I did have severe stomach bloating for a year, but that ceased when I stopped meds.

I have also been suffering from a bad case of Interstitial Cystitis, which is chornic bladder inflamation, meaning I have to pee like an old man all the time and have a constant dull urge. Along with dizziness, its horrific, but I try to push on. I am convinced its linked to the dizziness as I got the 2 illnesses within a month of each other.

I have reflux for which I have to take medication daily. It came on after I’d been ill with this for a while. Reflux is stress related and I am sure it started as a result of dealing with this illness.


Healthy and just fine one day then vertigo hit suddenly in January, 2007. Six weeks later, myoclonus (involuntary movements) diagnosed as a stress induced movement disorder. Six months later shortness of breath and cough thought to be reflux and asthma, both also stress- induced. Around that time while looking for a cause of the vertigo, tumor found in my neck. Can’t biopsy it because it is in a tough spot to access. Looks o.k. and hasn’t grown in size so hopefully benign. Luckily, nothing new to deal with since then, except anxiety about all of the above. Kristen

My blood sugar has always tested normal but I am quite sure I suffer from attacks of hypoglycemia. I occassionaly will get attacks of suddenly feeling very very shaky and weak. I have to get something sweet into me asap. I’ve never had my blood drawn when I am feeling this way - I suspect if I did it would show a problem.

Another oddity I have is a low body temperature. It is normally below 98, often below 97 and I remember at one time it was below 96. I took it with three different thermometers because I thought for sure one was broken but they all read the same.

I also have Interstitial Cystitis since 1988…although i didnot get a confirmed diagnosis till 1999. Doctors always thought i had Non-Bacterial Prostatitis. The ironic part of this was i started to have Migraine Equivalent symptoms in 1989 (vertigo episodes) …one year after I.C. symptoms began. It wasn’t till 1992 that the Migraine symptoms became Chronic 24/7.


I’m list my stuff -

IBS with constipation
wheat allergy
sleep issues


Hi Tran,
I thought you might want to take a look at this site,
It explains a lot about he Neurological manifestations of celiac and gluten intolerance.
Many years ago I tried the gluten free diet, and did find it helped, I think it’s due to the foods I cut out, many of them being similar to the migriane diet.
I cut out everything except dairy.



I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome which they believe stems from insulin resistance (although it doesn’t show up in blood tests) It’s interesting that several of you say that you have gluten intolerance. My sister has celiac disease and I wondered if I might have it too. My blood test came back negative though. Does anyone know if the blood test can be wrong? (I was eating gluten at the time of the test for months beforehand)

Hi Dizzygirl,
Gluten blood test should be done more than once,
The blood test isn’t sensitive, so regular testing is a good idea.
celiac disease can run in families.
I had the gene test to try to rule it out.

See here, celiacdisease.about.com/od/diagn … Atests.htm


In a nutshell:

Dyspepia - acid refuls disease
Agorophobia - fear of leaving the house (in this case)
Dyslipidemia - high cholesterol
HTLV II - immunity based blood disorder
Bipolar - extreme mood swings
Manic Depression - again, extreme depression
Post Tramatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) - anxiety about a lot of things because of other things that have happened to me.
Periphal Neuropathy - nerve disorder (in my case it’s mostly my feet and legs)
Pustular Psoraisis - rare form of psoraisis (feet and hands)
Degenerative Disc disease - speakes for its self wouldn’t you say?
Fibromyalgia - Pain - all over continuous pain.

Enough already!!!