Other Medications affect MAV (Cholesterol)

Anyone have any experience with other medications affecting there MAV. I have been doing pretty weel for a 95% and 6 weeks the Dr put me on Zetia for High Cholesterol. Well the last couple of weeks my symptoms , especially nausea and head pressure have increased. Anyone have any experience with this. The medication did decrease my Cholesterol which was good. the weather in NY has been crazy but I am thinking the medication is a factor. Dr said to stop taking it a week and see what happens

Hi Howie,
I’m sorry to hear you had a bit of a setback since starting Zetia. I am a physician and have access to a database which analyzes drug-drug interactions and I just put in all the meds I think you are on: Clonazepam, Verapamil, Zoloft and Zetia. According to the database, there are NO drug interactions with your MAV drugs and Zetia. I think from a metabolism standpoint, Zetia should not affect those meds you take for MAV and vice-versa. I guess the true test will be if you feel better, which I hope you do very soon! And yes, I live in the New York area too, and the weather has been pretty bad. Keep us posted.


Thanks…I did not know you were a physician? What kind and Where… Yeah its not a major setback but annoying…I stopped the Zetia this nam…I did not think it was a drug interaction.Dr Newman and the Cardiologit thought it is possible but not known till I trial and come off that a side effect iof Zetia is headache which might be in turn triggering my MAV… I’ll kep you nposted…2 more days of rain to boot…I can always go back on and stick it out if it is the weather

Hey Howie,
Sounds like you are in good hands. Definitely keep me posted. One other thought regarding your cholesterol, would the doc’s consider a statin (zocor, for example) instead if the zetia turns out to be driving your exacerbation of MAV symptoms. You might do well on a tiny dose as statins are much more powerful drugs compated to zetia. As for me I am a psychiatrist and preventive medicine specialist. I am on LOA from Mount Sinai as I am virtually bedridden with this condition with 24/7 symptoms.
Feel better. And, of course, have a Happy Father’s Day!

Thanks Lisa…

Yeah I love Dr Newman… Itried 2 statins and both raised by liver counts…Zetia did not