Our Joey In Southern California Fires

Hi Guys,

I talked to Joe on the phone today and he told me, at the time, that he was 20 minutes, driving time, from the Southern CA fires that have been wrecking homes since last Friday. I believe Joe told me it started with arson that took down an entire trailer park filled with senior citizens who couldn’t move fast enough to get out, and moved on from there.

I got off the phone and started my cooking, by the time I got back into my office, maybe an hour later, I had an email from Joe, that the fire was 5 minutes away, driving time!

At this point, the winds have died down and the fire fighters believe they have it under control. But this is way too close for comfort.

I would ask that you all do whatever it is you do, keep Joe in your thoughts, your prayers, your meditations, that no harm is done to him, his family, or his property.

He has promised to keep me posted on whether he has to evacuate and when he is out of danger.

I love you Joe!! You take care of yourself, ya hear! Or I’m gonna have to get on that plane after all :slight_smile:


I am praying for Joe and anyone else near to or affected by the fires.


I hope Joe is OK.

Darn, I hope you’re OK Joe!!
On a very related topic: boston.com/bigpicture/2008/1 … again.html
Some beautiful but very scary pictures… not sure what more to say. Very sad for the people who lose their homes :frowning:

Joe emailed me this morning. He’s fine, although he didn’t mention the status of the fire. He just asked me if I had a good recipe for Spanish Rice ! :lol:

Thanks all of you for checking up on me. I am fine and so are my two cats. I have never experienced a situation where a huge fire reaches about 5 miles from your home. The smoke was high in the sky and looking scary. It was somewhat uncomfortable to walk outside the house because of the smokey fumes. I began to think about reaching for the most important things that i own(things that can’t be replaced"…and it was the Pictures and a few other items. I had the cats carrying cages ready to go. Luckily the wind became very mild and i believe that is what saved the city of Diamond Bar from becoming another severe statistic. The television stations and radio stations were consumed in talking about it. It can really overwhelm you!! I feel very badly for all the folks who lost their homes and animals.

Anyway…thanks again for your thoughts.


ps. ok Julie, where is the Spanish Rice receipe? :lol:


Nice to hear that you and your cats are OK. After what happened here this summer, I have a very good idea what it felt like, except that I knew my house would be safe, it was just my relatives homes and my community that were destroyed by massive flooding.

Agian, its good to hear that everything is OK.


I’m still workin’ on it Joe :slight_smile:

I have to admit that i’ve never made Spanish rice and I want to come up with the best recipe i can find for you :slight_smile:

Here’s to your safety ! (where’s that champagne glass smiley???)


Thanks Brian. You live in Australia…correct? I am trying to recall the massive flooding story?? Most days i try and keep up with current events…but maybe i missed that story. Sorry to hear about that.



I live in Iowa. We had a flood this summer crest more than twenty feet above flood stage. The flood waters actually made it a mile away in some places. The downtown area in my city has been destroyed, and because all of the businesses relocated, it probably will not be rebuilt. Then there are the countless homes that were destroyed, and the small town along the river that are now non existant.


Brian…i do remember that story on the news. It is very sad… There is someone on the forum who lives in Australia?? Is it Scott or Adam?


I know AZdizzy is from Australia, and I think one of the other ladies is too.

— Begin quote from “joseph0952”

Brian…i do remember that story on the news. It is very sad… There is someone on the forum who lives in Australia?? Is it Scott or Adam?


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I think both are :slight_smile:

Yup both Adam and Scott

Nope - not AZDizzy, that’s Kim, she’s in the US; it’s DizzyBlonde, she’s the table dancer :slight_smile: - she’s in Australia, as is Jen.