Out and about questions?

As some of you know my worst symptom is my vision I would just like to ask do you recommend me going out and about to places that make me uncomfortable ie supermarkets,restaurants etc ive heard some people say yes it helps your brain then others say not to as it makes me more dizzy, im soooo confused as ive only been out once in 4 weeks and next week im back at work under lots of lights, am I doing myself any favours avoiding these things?

Hi mellybob. Do you think it might be a good idea just to go to the supermarket and see how you do. It may be too much of a shock going back to work without any practice so to speak. Obviously, don’t overdo it!!

yes your right I hate supermarkets when feeling like this!

Gosh I know!! All the head turning, lights and shiny floors. Awful. But I’m just concerned you haven’t really had a practice run before going back to work. You don’t need to stay in the supermarket long.

work is normally my comfort zone and last time I had this 5yr ago it helped my confidence loads when I went back it also took my mind off concerntrating on this all the time,but I was also exhausted at the same time!

Good for you going back. Can I ask how long it took you to get better when you got this 5 years ago?

Have you ever thought of using something like theraspecs? I do not have any experience with it but saw some good stories about wearing them for computer work and those horrible lights.

Yes, work is great for reducing anxiety by providing distraction.

I think avoidance of any environment is not good for you. Find some way to make all environments comfortable because avoidance may have negative psychological and social impact. I’m lucky to have found a drug which controls symptoms enough to tolerate almost any artificially lit environment. The only thing I can’t currently do is attend live music events, the bass is simply too loud for my bad ear to deal with, usually. I hope this changes in the future as I love music.

heart it took me just over 2yrs to get well it was very very slow I hardly noticed improvements then one day I looked back at thought wow ive not had any mav symptoms for months and then I was free of it till 4weeks ago!

james I think your right im just getting ready now to hit the supermarket its quieter this time of day :slight_smile:

And you WILL be free of it again!!

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Good luck!

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Yes you’re right. I’ve avoided so much that even my friends had stopped inviting me. Have you tried the cinema?

And at what point in those 2 years did you start your meds?

iam hoping I will be free of it again,i try not to let it beat me but sometimes it gets the better of me,i started the meds 6months into it and stopped them exactly 2yrs ago im now back on them and been on them for 4 weeks and I see slight improvement already just the vision and mini spins holding me back grrrrrr

I went to the cinema when I was free of all this but never while I have symptoms!

Hey it’s great you’re seeing some improvement. It can only get better!

Oh you’ve had the mini spins? Did you get these last time?

I think there mini spins its like a whoosh feeling and then its gone and then it does that all day and sometimes it feels like my brain is slipping its so hard to explain, well ive just done the supermarket and my vision was no where near as bad as I thought it was going to be,yay!

I have a theory that spins are caused by air bubbles in the labyrinth. It would certainly explain A LOT.

Alternate possibilities:

  • too much pressure causing vestibular nerves to fire like pinched nerves (this also causes simultaneous tinnitus)

  • fluid movement between endolymph and perilymph caused by temporary blockage that has been overcome. Blockage could also be just air bubbles disrupting the normal fluid movement and balance.

Any of these scenarios can cause a migraine because the nerves are being excited without a corresponding expected physical movement of the body. Result? A very upset brain!

Thinking about it in this way makes it easier to take. Just air bubbles?! Pah!