Out and about questions?

I did it before with another private therapist. Now I have found this large medical group that does nothing but treat [mainly older folks cause that’s who shit happens to most] folks with neuro/vestibular issues.
When I started with this awful malady - to walk into a grocery store was not an option. But now years later it is immenently doable.That is I believe just a question fo time/habituation. Most of my issues [90%] feel visual in nature. I find that even having a pair of reading glasses perched on my nose can assuage my symptoms - my last VOR therapist nodded when I told her that. She said " it gives your eyes/brain a visual frame that helps you function".
The whole point of the therapy is to provoke/retreat. The current folks could initially not provoke a dizziness response - she said “if we can’t provoke it, we can’t treat it”. So she upped the ante and got a response.
Anyway - I wish you well in the battle with this invisible/implaccable foe!

did you have a MAV diagnosis?