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Hey All,

We recently crossed two milestones as written in this post title. It’s great that we have such a vast repository of knowledge here but after a chat with Jen am wondering how often you guys use the search function to pull out old information? I know I don’t tend to use it as much as I should because it usually brings up a lot of repetition.

I was thinking about creating some new archives and trying to scan through old posts when I have spare time and move them into categories. Would this be useful? What sort of category titles would you like to see that would be the most useful if this were done? Thoughts?

I’m thinking things like Tricyclic ADs, SSRI/SNRIs, Anxiety/Depression, Coping with MAV, etc.

Thanks … Scott 8)

WOW! That is exciting and sad at the same time. It’s too bad we are not all here to chat about happier things, but at least we have each other for support through this miserable condition. Thanks to you and Adam for all you have done to provide such a great, informative, and supportive forum.

I use the search function mostly for researching medications and supplements. In the beginning, I used it to search for common symptoms. I think categorizing the old posts is a great idea. In addition to the categories you suggested, I recommend Common Symptoms, Supplements, and Migraine Diet. I’m sure I’ll think of more, but it is getting late here so I’m headed off to bed. I’ll sleep on it!

Goodnight, everyone! :slight_smile:


Hi Marci and Scott,
Sounds great :smiley:
probably a lot easier for new people to find things, it would be more visual.
This doesn’t mean we can’t all interact with each other, that’s the nice part of the forum, having others who understand our predicament, getting ideas ect…

A post to a list of good Dr’s other ma’vers have found of help in their cities/countries ect…
Migriane information sites… like Terry Roberts site
Secret Women’s business….hormone treatments, Monthlies, menopause ect…
Barometric changes and Flying and travel.
Disability pensions.

Looks like Scott is busy sorting all these out today…thanks Scott.

Hi Guys,

I’ve started organising things. It’s a monster task but rewarding! There’s lots of great old posts I’m discovering buried a way down. It’s going to be hard deciding where to drop some posts that cover a lot of different ground in one thread. Anyway, I hope it means we’ll be able to search out older info more easily.

Thanks for the input so far.

Scott :slight_smile:

Hey Scott,

Great idea about organizing and getting old info together. What about a section on VRT and PT…that seems to come up quite a bit.

Good luck!


That is so incredibly kind of you and would be very helpful. certainly a section on meds (or perhaps several section divided by med class), VRT, coping with illness, experiences w/ docs.