Hi guys,

I have been suffering quite badly with palpitations lately. Especially when walking or climbing stairs, but sometimes just when I sitting.
Is this a common MAV symptom?


Hi Modwolf,

Sorry to hear about your troubles. I get palpitations caused by MAV meds, but not by MAV, per se. Meds and anxiety are the only two things that have caused me to have heart issues, but both were related to the fact that I have MAV. Could either of these be the root of your palpitations?



Hi thanks for your reply.
I’m not on any meds so it can’t be that.
I guess it could be anxiety. I have now got an appointment for an ECG next week, so hopefully that will rule out anything serious :frowning:

Hi Modwolf,

I get the very fast heartbeat (and sweating) when climbing stairs etc. sometimes, but it seems to depend on the day. I have taken my heartrate and it will be over 100 (its fine when resting, around 70). The worse palpitations I can get are on nights when I cant sleep, just as I am dropping off to sleep, the heartbeats are running one into the other (dr. gave me a tiny ECG machine to put my finger on when this happens and it recorded some graph which looked horrendous, but when the cardiologist looked at it, he said, no problem, so I guess its just anxiety attacks (adrenaline for sure at night, at least). Not sure about the daytime, just feels like too tired and too much effort when it happens, but other days I can be up and down the stairs like a yo yo, no problem, whether its got something to do with MAV or not I dont know.


Thanks for your reply Christine.
I think it could make sense that it is linked to MAV in some way, it seems logical that a mechanism which causes headaches and dizziness could also cause problems in other areas. Also fatigue is a link between the two.
I will let you know what the doctor says.

I also get palpitations and skipped heartbeats and had an EKG and then 24 hour holter monitor. The monitor confirmed I have frequent PVCs. Stressful situations do make heart palpitations worse, so any anxiety caused by MAV would of course make the palpitations more noticeable.

I have found that the addition of daily 400mg of magnesium helps a lot to reduce the palpitations, if not eliminate them. If you haven’t added magnesium to your migraine supplements, you might want to and see if it helps. I only notice the palpitations now if I’ve skipped the magnesium because I’ve run out and haven’t purchased more.

Thanks, I will look into magnesium supplements.

I get palpitations, but it’s from anxiety (which is also associated with MAV).

I think we can all get palpitations from time to time from dehydration, anxiety, heat, and probably many other causes. I still think though, that any palpitations should be evaluated, especially if this is a new phenomen for you, or if you have tachycardia (fast heart rate) that is associated with them. Most palpitations are benign, but I would definitely ask your physician to atleast have an EKG done or holter monitor.

Thanks guys, little update. I had a resting ECG which was normal, am now waiting to have a 24 hour one.