Paragraphs... please!

Hi everyone

Could I ask very nicely please that where people write very long posts they try to put it into paragraphs?

I find it extremely hard to read a long piece of prose that has no breaks in it. Sometimes I just have to give up half way through which is such a shame.

Sorry if this being picky but it wouldn’t half make life easier!

And I wouldn’t imagine I’m the only one who has this problem. Anyone else?

Thanks ever so much. :smiley:


I agree with you on this point. I drop long paragraphs and essays as well. Point by point writing is easier on head as well as eyes.

Very good point here … sometimes I go in there and separate the paras for people but not always time.

One other thing to remind people too if you could and that is to try and spell the names of the drugs correctly. This is essential for people searching Google and finding our forum. The most common errors are for:


Thanks gang! :slight_smile: