Parasites and MAV

When I was very ill I was searching all over the internet for answers. I am feeling great again and I wanted to post on the forums where I discovered helpful information what I found as a cause for my symptoms and how I have resolved them in the case that it might help someone else on their healing journey. At one point a neuro diagnosed me with MAV. I suffered for over a year from dizziness, strange visual symptoms and a headache I couldn’t shake for over 5 mos. Docs thought I had everything from MS to major head trauma at different times. I eventually discovered that I had 2 types of unknown protozoan parasites. When I treated these the symptoms alleviated. Since they ravaged my body I am also working to build myself back up by exercising, eating a very clean and healthy diet, supplementing and getting plenty of sleep. After treating for parasites my autoimmune diseases also began to subside and I had energy, clarity and my life back. It has not been easy to rid myself of the parasites and I am still working on completely obliterating them. I tried many different treatments: antibiotics, chinese herbs, western herbs, anti protozoal drugs.etc. What finally worked for me was treating myself internally with safe to ingest essential oils. Who knew? I hope this post reaches as least one person who it may help. Thank you for sharing all of your stories with me.

If you don’t mind me asking, how did you find out you had these parasites?

I am glad you are better :?