Partial Numbness in foot and hand for days

I wanted some feedback on numbness that comes with migraines. According to my neuro otologist I suffer from Vestibular Migraines without headaches. I have been taking Verapamil 240 mg and it has helped some.

My question is it normal to get partial numbness in foot and hand for days? The numbness generally comes on when I am feeling more dizzy. But it stays for days like 3-4 days. I was initially getting in my left foot and hand now I get it right hand foot too for half a day or so and then dizziness gets worse.

From what I read, numbness for migraines only stays for 60 mins or so and it is almost always one sided. I am just worried that this is not MAV and something else with all these neurological symptoms.

I also get muscle fluttering or spasms for a day or so.

How are you now?


Don’t expect responses from posters who’ve probably drifted off by now.

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